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Designer Collaborations: Yay or Nay?

Poll Results: Are you a fan of designer collaborations?

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    Yay! I love being able to get a designer's products for less
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    Nay! They cheapen the designer's brand.
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As spending on luxury goods has decreased, many designers have begun collaborating with more mass retailers in an attempt to gain customers. Target is one of the forerunners in the designer collaborations, including collaborations with Alexander McQueen, William Rast and Zac Posen. Following in the footsteps of Target, H&M has also had notable collaborations including Lanvin for H&M which sold out almost immediately, and Versace for H&M. Most recently however, the Missoni for Target collection, was met with an uproar, as many customers were purchasing products and reselling them at escalated prices on Ebay(the Missoni bike sold for over $1,000), while many consumers were met with bare shelves at the stores.


Designer collaborations have been met both with warm and cold reception. Some view these collections as an opportunity to own designs that most people would otherwise be unable to afford. There are also those who are of the mindset that, if you're going to spend over $1,000 on a Missoni bike, why not just buy the "real" thing from the full Missoni line and that these collaborations "cheapen" the designer's name.


What do you think of Designer collaborations, do they dilute the brand or are they a good thing?



If you're a fan of collaborations, which brand would you love to see a collaboration with?



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hey great topic BTW,

I hate designer collaborations. I feel like it really cheapens the brand. I buy jeans that I can wear and still keep resale value on ebay so I can recoup some money later on. There once was a time I bought and wore, William Rast. My store also sells William Rast. After Target and WR did their collection, eBay prices plummeted to where now you can get brand new WR for $50. We cannot sell another pair of WR at our store if our lives depended on it. Noone that used to buy them around here wants them anymore. WR did themselves a huge disservice by doing that. I understand that they think they are going to reach people that they never have reached before but the whole point of having luxury goods is that they are luxurious, and everyone doesnt have them. Another point to having luxury goods is having great quality. WR for target had worse quality than almost ANYTHING else in target. hell, even the converse jeans felt better/looked better than the WR for target. I think that if a designer wants to do something like that they should do as Vera Wang did and make a whole seperate line that will not be associated with, and look just like, the more expensive stuff(simply vera).

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