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Forever 21 recently showed their latest collection to customers with a Hologram Fashion show. The 7 minute show allowed customers around the world to view the images of the collection, but also included some fun, as the models strutted their stuff on the catwalk before the hologram images walked down invisible stairs or upside down. High-tech show seem to be the wave of the future, other brands, including Burberry and Alexander McQueen are utilizing hologram technology to show their shows. Sure, Hologram using hologram technology is gimmicky but designers are always looking for the something to set their shows apart, and hologram technology allows shows to more accessible to a broader audience. What do you think, will hologram technology be the future for fashion shows?



Kate Moss closing out Alexander McQueen's F/W 2006 show by appearing as a hologram.



Scenes from Forever 21's Fashion Show



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