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Do You Support The Occupy Wall Street Movement?

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The Occupy Wall Street Movement started on Wall Street to protest the power of banks over government and the role they played in economic collapse. The movement quickly spread around the world, igniting demonstrations in variety of different countries, including Spain, Italy, Germany, and as far reaching as Hong Kong.  


Check out the photos of demonstrators and participants in cities around the world:



A member of the Occupy Wall Street demonstration on Wall Street October 15th.



Demonstrators in Puerto del Sol Square in Madrid



Demonstrators gather around a fire in front of the European Central Bank Headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany.


Demonstrators holding signs saying "Tax the rich 1%, Welfare for the 99%"


What are your thoughts on the "Occupy" Movements around the world? Have you participated?


Images from Boston.com.



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Uh-oh here comes politics. We'd want to be careful. Remember what the whole cross-dressing thread ignited??!! Still tho, it's a good movement but it's awful hard for the greedy fat cats to hear people on the ground when they are sitting so high up in there offices and they couldn't give a shit coz no-one is forcing them to.
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Let me be clear on something. This is a place I come to talk with friends about denim and the latest denim trends. I dont know anyone here's political affiliation and I dont care. Politics divides people. I know because I am passionate about politics and I have some  things to say to the people who are on the other side. I dont understand why you would want to bring something as divisive as this up on our forum? This is a denim forum not a political one! I want to be able to keep my friends here without them judging me based on my ideology. Since you asked, people are going to respond. So I will give my two sense and now I am going to lose all of my friends because of my ideology. To everyone who reads this, I dont judge you based on your ideology so dont judge me based on mine. We are probably very very different. That doesnt mean we cant still be friends. There are many people who are VERY INTOLERANT of those who thing differently than them. I am not one of them and I hope you can prove that you are not that way too. So here is my social suicide note:



I believe they are trying to fundamentally change the USA. I believe they are anti-capitalist but its socialism that leaves people starving and without food. The USA is one of the only places in the world where our poor people have an OBESITY problem! Do you realize the significance of that? I have been in Iraq. The poor people there are desolate and are lucky to get a bite to eat. This movement is focused on wall street but there are plenty of janitors and secretaries working there who do not make millions. Why dont they go occupy the white house? Go occupy the senate! Occupy the REAL cause of the economic problems! The bankers on wall street were only able to do what they did because of policies that were put in place by the current and previous administrations. ARREST THE POLITICIANS who were responsible! ARREST the politicians who gave the automakers and banks big bailouts! It was Barney Frank who is to blame! It is Chriss Dodd who is to blame! ALAN GREENSPAN WARNED CONGRESS ABOUT THIS MELTDOWN WITH FANNIE MAE AND FREDDIE MAC 3 YEARS BEFORE IT HAPPENED!!! Go occupy the politicians! The wall street protesters are MISGUIDED! They have been lied to by the government media complex(mainstream media) to believe that people who make more than them are to blame! They are fueled by jealousy! They are fueled by envy! WE HAVE IT SO GOOD HERE!! I make less than $25,000 per year at a boutique but I HAVE THE ABILITY TO STILL BUY $300 JEANS! No where else in the world could I live like this! Do you understand!?!?! I manage my money in a way that I can take care of my family and still have what I want! These people just cant be happy with what they have! When will it ever be enough?!?! Why do they care how much money someone else makes? Do you think they didnt work for that money? If noone makes a ton of money then who is going to create jobs? The government? The government pays people from a tax base! If we all worked for the government then there would be no money to take from private sector businesses! Government jobs dont grow the economy! Government jobs end up costing more money than they are worth! The government is TOO BIG! It needs to smaller and less restrictive! Only then will the economy grow! The life is being squeezed out by too much regulation! You want to help the economy? Then let us drill for oil on our OWN LAND AND STOP BUYING IT FROM MIDDLE EASTERN NATIONS WHO THEN FUND OUR ENEMIES! So we want to make the rich pay more taxes....HOW THE HELL WILL THAT HELP? Do you think that the rich, who create jobs, are going to hire more people because they have to pay more? How does that even make sense? It doesnt? Ive seen the sticker that says "eat the rich". Ive seen where Roseanne said to guillotine the rich if they dont give up their money. My question is this...HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE EVER BEEN HIRED BY A POOR PERSON? How many? THE CORPORATIONS PROVIDE JOBS! The small businesses provide jobs. These wall street protesters believe someone is considered rich is they make over $250,000 per year. Why that number? Who picked that one? Most of the protesters love Obama! Do they know that OBAMA RECEIVED MORE MONEY FROM WALL STREET BANKERS THAN ANY OTHER CANDIDATE IN 2008???? Do they know that OBAMA IS IN BED WITH GENERAL ELECTRIC? OBAMA IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE! Do you understand that this protesting is sponsored by the labor unions? The same labor unions that have driven cost up so high that ALL OF OUR FACTORIES ARE BEING MOVED OVERSEAS! Why are you people so freaking blind to this stuff??? Is it because you get your news from the MSNBC, CNN, FOX NEWS machine???? News flash! The people that own those companies are RICH AND WOULD LIKE TO STAY THAT WAY. You cannot be sheeple and believe everything that is put in front of you! Research for yourselves. You will see that this movement is a leftist revolution to bring about a socialist economy in the US and maybe a one world government in the end. George Soros is funding a lot of this. He is a globalist. This is a global movement and its a dangerous one. This has been hijacked by Marxist. If any of you have ever read the communist manifesto then you will understand what I mean. Karl Marx wrote all about the proletariat vs  bourgeois class.  That is the working class vs. the middle class. We all know how that worked out. It never has worked before and it wont work now. Socialism/communism(marxism) has never worked before and it wont work now. LOOK AT GREECE!!! In order for any of those systems to be put in place many peoples FREEDOMS MUST BE PUT IN JEAPORDY! THIS IS WHERE FASCISM COMES IN. Hitler was a socialist and his party was called the National Socialist German Workers Party(NAZI party). Peole who dont comply will be punished. The ends always justify the means with these revolutions. Anyone who speaks out against this movement is criticized and ridiculed. I am not afraid to because I was asked. I am not afraid because I know where this all leads. Democracy is only a stop on the way to communism and this is why. People who arent on the top want to rise up and change the system because they think life is unfair. They then change the system and overthrown the old one. They end up with a Marxist revolution and guess what???? THE SAME PEOPLE ALWAYS END UP ON TOP AND THE SAME PEOPLE ARE STILL ON BOTTOM! Only the bottom have it a lot worse now because the MIDDLE CLASS GETS DESTROYED! After all, the whole thing is a war on the middle class! When you raise taxes on the "rich" (who have been defined by anyone making over $250,000 per year by the left and Obama) you are not hurting the SUPER RICH. You are only hurting the middle class! If you are going to raise taxes on the rich then you better start at a higher number than $250,000 per year. You better raise it to where you arent hurting the middle class. In new york city, someone who makes $250,000 per year is not near rich. I only make $25,000 per year(slightyl less actually) and I am comfortable. I am not COMPLAINING ABOUT PEOPLE WHO MAKE MORE THAN ME! I plan on one day making more than that. I am in college and will be graduating in two years. I have a wife and kid that I am trying to make a better life for but I DO NOT WANT TO STEAL IT FROM THOSE WHO HAVE WORKED HARD FOR IT! There are social programs that are needed in this world. We should always help the poor, hungry, needy. Individuals should donate to them in addition to government programs. We should definitely have a government where people pay taxes and support a certain level of social programs for those who need them. We need to get rid of the waste. STOP BUSH'S WARS FOR ONE THING! BUSH AND OBAMA ARE THE TWO WORST PRESIDENTS SINCE JIMMY CARTER. They both just inflated government and spent spent spent and now we are in such a deep hole that WE BORROW 40 CENTS OUT OF EVERY DOLLAR OUR GOVERNMENT SPENDS! WE BORROW IT FROM CHINA! Labor unions had their place. They were needed when there were no laws to prevent businesses from taking advantage, Now we have laws to prevent those things. Labor unions are no longer necessary. They only DRIVE BUSINESSES AND AMERICAN JOBS OVERSEES! Thats all they do now! Businesses in the US cant hire because there is too much uncertainty in the economy. They cant plan for growth because of high taxes and STUPID REGULATIONS FROM THE EPA! Kill the EPA and kill some of the other burdensome regulatory departments and keep taxes where they are or throw the tax code out and start from scratch. There are several ways to transform the US economy without a marxist revolution. 



Anyways, please dont bring politics in to anything else. Politics divides people! 

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I like jeans...
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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

I like jeans...

Well said! I support the designer denim movement! It's far less divisive.
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well maybe thats the problem in our society.......as long as i can buy denim.....eat a burger or a schnitzel and watch football games with beer in my hand everything is ok.......i just can say "panem et circenses"


in europ people are also on a rage against the p.i.g states,the eu etc etc you can discuss it the whole day....whole week....whole month....wohle year.....


in fact nowadayst and its only my point of view its nearly impossible to introduce a change in politics...econmy etc with demonstrations.....




what have we learned from 2008?who profited? who came out on top?







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Well said

I do not know what Europes problems are or if there really is a dire need for some change there. I do know that in the USA we all have more than enough. Some are rich and some are poor but noone will go without food or shelter unless they choose to not accept the help offered. I am in the lower class but I budget well so I can buy what I like. I also sell stuff on eBay to make money for things I want. I never think to myself that I have to have more and I have to take it from those who earn more than I. That whole mindset is disgusting to me. In the USA there is nothing holding anyone back except themselves. People here have the nerve to ACCEPT a $100000 loan to go to an ivy league school for a degree in basket weaving and then want to protest because they haveto pay back what they BORROWED! All because they picked gender studies as a degree and there is no work in that field! They can't process that! They could've gone to a different college and got a better degree for $5000! you can get an associates degree in nursing for $5000 from community college! They could get a bachelors in nursing for $17000! This is why I don't feel sorry for most of these people. Most are lazy losers who want to be given everything for free. It's called an entitlement mentality! it's there own fault they are where they are. They want someone else to blame so they blame the banks.it's called personal responsibility! They knew they had to repay the loan when they got it. They knew the mortgage apt was going to balloon if they didn't improve their credit when they got the adjustable rate mortgage! These people need to work hard if they want to live a grand life like the rich! It's nit the governments job to give you everything. Most of these people complain about how much CEOs get paid but how many of them has the education to do the job and how many have the work ethic to work the 80hour weeks they put in? I don't feel sorry for any of these protestors in the USA. They Are where they are because of the effort they have put in (for the most part). There are always exceptions to the rule. This applies to most not all. Europe may be a different story, I don't know. I do know I wish these whiners would stop refering to themselves as the 99%. They don't represent me and most other hard working Americans who are happy with the BLESSINGS we DO HAVE and don't WHINE About everything we DON'T have!
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Guys, I'm Irish, we're second only to Greece in terms of being up to our necks in debt. We've had to be bailed out twice by the EU(mainly Germany but fuck knows where they are getting the money). But while my paycheck and pension are being hit severely I'm also public service so I'm being blamed for being greedy and the real people(politicians, wanker bankers and property developers) who are to blame "retired" and took massive pensions and are now immune from prosecution so while I'm being punished they are living the life. And our problems are caused not by too much regulations it was lax regulations and the lack of will to enforce them. In my country it's a social issue with no end in sight. Like 118i said you could talk about it all day but all it succeeds in doing is irritating me and this around me. So let's just not do it here. I love posting on this site coz it brings a sense of joy in me discussing something I'm genuinely passionate about.
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Yeah like I said earlier, politics are so divisive! We are all friends on here because of our common interest. Let's not ruin it by talking about our uncommon interests. Phukette, let's boycott the stupid political threads for now on except to say that they shouldn't be starting those threads here.

To the denimblog writers: I know you need material to write about. Please don't post political threads on the denim website. People will begin to hate each other for their opinions. I particularly don't but it's inevitable someone will. You have free will to do what you want but it's just a suggestion, for the sake of keeping all of the established members as friends icon_smile.gif You all do a good job here.
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i like thanaz <3 

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