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BKE Sabrina






BKE, the BKE Sabrina to be more precise, is a brand by Buckle, a well credited company that has proven their knowledge and expertise on denim time and time again. Buckle is my key place to shop for new styles, brands and fits. It is said that the company began in 1948 with just a small store in Kearney, Nebraska, and yet they have grown to become one of America's favorite denim destinations know not only for the denim but for the one on one customer service as well.


The Sabrina; that I have on is an amazing fit, and one of many that can be found at Buckle. The waist is a little more open allowing for a more comfortable feel on the natural waistline, this is a quality that I love about the Sabrina because it’s something that I usually have trouble finding in jeans. Additionally, the hip in the Sabrina is regular fit providing a little more room for curve and shape making this jean comfortable and tasteful.


The detail that goes into the denim, from the whiskers to the two-tone stitch, is so exclusive, I really fall for that orange stitching… the contrast it gives with the blue denim and the tan stitching is very unique. Combined with the detailed destruction on both sides of the hips giving the jean an edgy look, but cleaning it up on the way down the jean to the classy boot cut, which is probably about 17” allows for a clean look that would be great with heals or boots.


The back pockets, which are my favorite, are also full of intricate detail. They have back pocket flaps with vintage hardware, two-tone stitching again, along with heavy gauge stitching allowing eye catching patterns. If you want to make a statement with your jeans I would say that BKE is the way to go. They are usually really affordable between $60 and $80. 


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