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Women's Soozy Stretch Bootcut

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I just bought these on sale from Gilt in a size 30. I'm 5'5" and 140 lbs. and have no idea about Diesel sizing. Anyone have any experience with this style? I've heard Diesels run small in general. Should I have gone up a size? 

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hmmmm, possibly. I have no idea about that cut in general, but Diesel is generally crap on me anyway (I have an ample butt and thighs, am about your size but a bit over 5'6...I carry ALL my weight below the waist though, so my butt/thighs are probably bigger than yours for being the same weight)

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Hi Girls,


Diesel makes 5 pockets for the people and it's one off the best brands adjusting to the clients demands.

I'm sure there's allready a good model for your shape on the market. Just go to a Diesel store and ask for there DENIM SPECIALIST this person is drilled to know all and will serve you well.


SIZE and Wash ; this will change allways !  (i'm sorry for this but Diesel brings high quality jeans so less mass production is the reason for all off it)



Greetz Vinum

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