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Renting Clothes: Yay or Nay? (with Poll)

Poll Results: Would you rent clothes or bags from a rental company?

  • 75% (3)
  • 25% (1)
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The increasing popularity of "rental" stores allows average Joes and Janes to dress like a celebrity. From these stores you can rent everything from a couture gown to a designer purse. Typically offering access through a membership fee and by paying a higher membership fee, you get access to higher end designer items. Some brands, such as Rent The Runway, charge a fee based on the dress, and will allow you to pick two different sizes.


Some Websites for rentals:


Rent The Runway which offers dress rentals, two different sizes as well as the option to rent shoes, accessories and purses.


Bag Borrow or Steal offers purses, watches, jewelery and sunglasses both for rent and purchase.


Wear Today Gone Tomorrow become a member then have access to rentals priced from $30-59.


Girl Meets Dress is a service based in the UK which also offers wedding dress rentals.



What do you think, is renting items a yay or nay? Have any of you done it before and had a good or bad experience?

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I have not really given much thought to "renting" clothing... but in some cases this would be great! 


I am a military wife and we attend military balls celebrating the birthdays of the branches we are with. My husband is in the Marine Corps and we attend the Marine Ball every November, and to be honest... buying a new dress every year is expensive and most of the time we want a new one each year... so we never wear the same one again. 


Anyway, what Im saying is renting something unique and not having to find room for it to die in my closet might be the way to go!!

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I wouldnt want to wear something that isnt mine. It just feels wierd. I dont even borrow clothes.

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There’s a really cool new website in the UK called Wish Want Wear. I hadn’t tried renting before, but hired a Temperley gown for my uni ball and it was amazing J


I’d recommend it to anyone who can’t afford to spend £1,000 on a dress for each occasion.


The dress was perfect when it arrived and still had the original labels so I think I was the first person to wear it!

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I'm glad you had a good experience with it! I've had friends who've rented dresses for occasions but I just figure, if I'm going to spend the money, I'd rather just put it towards something I'd own.

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