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So I'm looking at my email box and seeing all these daily sample sale updates (Gilt, Rue La La, Billion Dollar Babes), and thinking it would be nice to just get one email instead of everything, so I can be informed of what sale is coming, but at the same time not get over whelmed with all these new sample sale sites popping up everywhere.

I thought it might be helpful if I compiled all these info and create a master list, send them as emails to subscribers. But the list is going to be sooooooo long, and I'm wondering what is everyone's preference and opinion on what they would actually like to get in such an email.

Would you rather

1) Get a list of all the brands that's going on sale today

2) Get a list of top 10 of the hottest brands that's going on sale today

3) Get a list of brands/categories from some of the biggest sites

4) Get a list of highest discounted list from the different site (final sale, or special discounts)


Discuss, and share what you think would work for you.