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are Thavar's made tighter than thanaz or other cuts? im looking for the thavar 008qu in light brown/beige color but can only find in size 32 when i usually wear 31 and to the limit 30.

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I find Thavar a little looser but really there isn't really much in it.
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oh i c. so i should size down 1 if anything?

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Thanaz and thavar are the same. Only way if need size up or down will be base on the different wash
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ok got it! thanks!

oh and, even though the tag does not say STRETCH, can i assume it still will, to a lesser extent?

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All denim stretches a little.
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All of my pais are Thavar/Thanaz/Shioner. Thanaz is slightly skinnier than Thavar. I'd say the biggest difference is at the legs, Thanaz is tighter but then again there is almost no difference. If I were you I'd pick the wash over the cut, that's al that counts in this case.

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