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Can Anyone Please Help Me With Pricing?

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Sigh.  I finally have to part with some jeans I have been hanging onto for years because they are just too small, and now I'm having trouble selling them.  I only know what I paid for them, but can anyone give me advice on what these are actually worth today?  I have no problem lowering the price, just need help with a ballpark figure...


Thanks all!









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You definitely wouldve been better off selling them years ago. Your best bet will be to lower the BIN to $25 or start the auction at $15(or both). Even then it may not sell. 7FAM doesnt hold ANY resale value. I regularly won auctions for my wife and never ended up paying more than $20(not including shipping). Your best bet if you want to buy jeans that hold resell value would be to buy True Religion or Diesel(in the future).

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^Well, it depends on how you put your auctions across. I've managed to sell a lot of 7FAM at very respectable prices because I know so much about the brand, fit, how the cuts correspond with the 12 figure types, how to do minor repairs on jeans that need them, etc. I'm about to send off some WDS red A-Pocket crops that sold for about $55 plus ship--in October! (granted, the red ones are very rare, but I also haven't had any trouble selling the pink A crops when they're in season)


One trick you might use is to find stock pictures of the exact item (in addition to your own pics--never in place of them!) and use that as the main photo, with Photobucket thumbnails of your actual pics first thing in the description (mine link to the full-size pic, so I never pay Ebay for extra photos). It just makes the listings look so much more professional, and especially when you're dealing with newbies to the brand and you have older styles (like those bronze crystal sigs), they will automatically think the style is a lot more current than it is.


You might also consider lowering your prices by one cent across the board--$99.99 really does look like a lot less than $100, although it seems silly!

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Just wanted to say, shopaholism and jeanetic, thank you for your replies to tharms_vt's questions! I came in to ask some of the same things . . . for tips on listings these days (as I haven't sold anything in years!) and the worth of some pairs I need to sell, including some of the following:


  • NWT 7FAM Lily Bangkok Fans
  • NWOT 7FAM Dark Havana A Pockets
  • NWOT 7FAM Jagger in Off Broadways
  • 7FAM China Flynts
  • 7FAM Havana 2 Flares
  • 7FAM New York Extreme Bootcut
  • 7FAM Amsterdam Pearl A Pocket
  • 7FAM Tahiti Dojo


  • TR Sammy Dark Pony Express
  • TR Bridget Easy E
  • Joe's Honey Booty Fit Harvey
  • Hudson Triangle Pocket Dark Wash


TIA for any help or insight that anyone can provide. 088.gif

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