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    I just started this forum today & already have a questionicon_smile.gif Thanks a bunch for your help!!

I own way..way to many pairs of 7's so I feel like I should know this!!  But...there were a few things caught my eye right away. Oh and I'm terribly sorry for the bad iPhone pictures!

  • the first picture on the bottom.....the seam of the waistband covers the top of the size tag
  • second..the care tag isn't stitched on straight
  • oh and the "7" on the waistband doesn't go from seam to seam

The waistband is just like my other "A" pocket jeans and everything else about them seems to be fine. Just to look at the pic on the top they're totally fine. Oh and the size is weird too. These are a 27. I wear a 25 or 26 and I can't even button these!  I really really appreciate you taking the time to look at this. Even despite my ramblings!icon_wink.gif




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Welcome to DenimBlog Forum!


I'm sorry but these are fake... NYD Pink A's are one of the most faked pairs ever :-(


Oh, and the original ones do run small too, 2 sizes is no exception ;-)

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Hey! Just wanted to say thanks....even if it only took me like 2 weeks :-D!

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You're more than welcome! icon_smile.gif

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