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Victoria Beckham crowns?!

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Hi everyone!  I have not posted on here in forever, but I must say it used to be quite the obsession. :)  Anyway, I am a little removed from the jean community... Long story short, I spent quite a bit of time in Africa last summer and lost a ton of weight.  I am now getting married next summer, cleaning out my closet, packing up, and moving out and on.  I have found several great pairs of jeans during my cleaning spree... one being the infamous Victoria Beckham crowns.  I do not know if these are still cool?!  Do you guys think anyone would be interested in buying them if I list on ebay?  What do you think I should list them for?  Would any one be interested if I list them on here?  They are in great condition... I loved them so much I hardly ever even wore them (maybe three times?!  Literally, IF that).  They are the lighter wash with the turquoise crystal crowns on the bottom.  They are in a size 27, and hemmed with the original to about 32-33''.  I can post pics and take more measurements if you all think I'd have any luck.  I have several other pairs of rocks, too. I also have some crystal sevens. These no longer fit me as I lost 20 lbs, and anything I can't use MUST go in this clean-out.  Thanks you guys!!



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These "advertisement"-type posts are not allowed--please list your items in the Classifieds section. If you need help with pricing, you might contact a moderator privately (but since Rock & Republic has now sold out to Kohl's after their bankruptcy, you may not get very much for even a pair of crowns...I'm trying to get rid of my remaining R&R and don't plan on selling much, if any, in the future)

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I dont see the problem with asking for pricing help. Its done all of the time. Anyways you will probably get $20 for them on ebay. 

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Well, it wasn't so much the asking for pricing help as much as giving all the details of her jeans, as she would in a sale post. That's pretty blatant advertising.

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