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Shioner 880W [Fit Pics]

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Pics of my new shioner 880W, size 28/32.






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Dude shioner is one of my favorite cuts. They look great on you.

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Excellent pair. Quettingen is trying to hook me up with a pair of safado 880W(the last ones I bought were too splotchy) and if they look like yours I'd be delighted. The less splotches the better IMO but the overall wash and the 3D effect is awesome on those jeans. Congrats, you gotta cool pair in a cut that really suits you!
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How do they fit, are they like safado, is it straight slim?

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Shioner is a skinny fit. They are not like thanaz though because the waist is more proportional to the legs. Because of this, you can size up and have a fit that doesnt fit as slim but will still fit ok in the waist. Thats why shioner is one of my favorites.

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itsinmyjeans : I think Shioner is my favorite cut too for the same reason ! It's still ok on the waist and on the legs, I can't wear thanaz in 28, it's ok on the waist, but too tigh on the legs ... shioner and thavar are my favorites !


phukette : I love the 3D effect too, great color effects on the 880W, I saw your safado on your thread and your wash is very extreme ! 


igorek : I think Shioner fit like Thavar, both are skinny jean

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thanks for replies guys, will check them out!

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what a great jeans with a great wash!!

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just recieved my safado 882b 28x30 and krooley 880w 27x30 and wow great washes!!  I was so glad to get such a subtle non splotch pair of 880ws. I had to return a pair of the safado 880w that had way too many bleach spots on them.  Cant wait to recieve the shioner 74y but hope they fit me in a zize 30x30...

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You bought Safado 882b in 28 and Krooley 880w in 27 and you hope that Shioner will fit you with 30?????


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i buy 28's and i bought my shioner 8pn in a 30 and it fit slim still. shioner is slim enough and the waist is proportionate enough to be able go to a different size if necessary and still have a goood fit.

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NICE!!! My first and only shioner is 8D4! I wish Diesel US have shioner 880W. 

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Dude ssense.com has them.

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I dont know I dont feel like buying Diesel Jeans somewhere else other than Diesel Stores :P hihi

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Im contemplating either the Krooley or Shioner 880w. Anyone know where the Shioner are available? I know they are current, but are not on the UK diesel website, and presumably ^ not on the US site either?

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Ssense.com had them a while back. They were listed as Shioner 80W (instead of 880W). They also have Krooley 880w (listed normally)

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What is the difference with darron?

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shioner is much skinnier than darron. darron is safado in legs then tapers to 14 inches at hem

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what shoes are those man?  thought they were chucks then saw the diesel logo

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I tried this pair on at Holt Renfrew department store last night.. its so sexy.. but its selling for $350+taxes here... damn one of the more expensive washes in the store!!!!!!


beautiful wash.  


would you wear your  nice white shoes w/ it?? the blue will rub off no?

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There is always a chance color will transfer when wearing denim died in indigo. Also, I'm not sure I'd recommend plain white shoes with anything though. It's kind of tacky. Do they have any design to them?


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Originally Posted by jeanetic View Post

i buy 28's and i bought my shioner 8pn in a 30 and it fit slim still. shioner is slim enough and the waist is proportionate enough to be able go to a different size if necessary and still have a goood fit.

Hi Jeanetic - I spoke to you before about the Shioner 8PN in 27's and took your advice of not getting it.  I normally wear 28 in Tepphar, Thanaz, Thavar.  I notice you said you got 8PN wash 30?  does it really fit slim/skinny still since you also wear 28s....

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I sold them but yes even though I'm 28 in thavar I could wear the 8pn in 30 and it fit me fairly slim. The waist wasn't tight but everything else was so it didn't matter. The waist wasn't loose either though. It fit perfect.


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