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I started wearing Frankie B. when I was in seventh grade...2001. I live in LA, so they had them at cool boutiques. They had a black lable w/ white 'frankie b.' text and they looked felt hand-made. Nothing like the new ones they've been producing the last few years. My favorite ones were:

The dark blue denim low-wire w/ leather lace up front.

The low rise w/ a 3 button fly (actual buttons, not snaps)

the patchwork ones...

Also, I had very cool velour SUUUPER LOW super huge bellbottoms...


I'm DYING to get a vintage pair, especially the front lace up ones.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about? The denim quality was just very different, thicker and sturdier..very low and stretchy.


I cant seem to find any on E-bay, please lmk if anyone has any they'd like to sell or any tips on where to find them. 

I also just bought a pair I found at a thrift shop bc that are very cute (vintage) but not my size, so if anyone wants them LMK.