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For Sale: Diesel 73j 29x30

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$400 (USD) or Best Offer
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Diesel 73j 29x30

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Been meaning to sell these for like a year now, but just now getting around to it. Anyways, I bought these about a year or so ago and they didn't fit me too well so I bought a new pair and never ended up selling this one. So I've never washed these, and they've been kept sealed for the past year with me. I think the previous owner said they wore them a few times? Not sure if they've been washed, no promises there, most likely? I don't really have any way of knowing. Light wear I guess, I'll take more pics if you want, pictures I took today are below. Hit me with your best offer. If you want them, I'll setup an ebay auction just for you. I refuse to do this any other way as I was scammed out of $500 last time I tried this. 



Front: http://cl.ly/2O3T0Q2l0y1S2l3o212Q

Back: http://cl.ly/441H2k1J3K1I3j0l283L

Tag: http://cl.ly/3r2v0i032A1f3v2x3K2v



(I've included some other random expensive things and my thanaz 73j I wear now in the background so you know my "story" is legit/I'm not trying to scam anyone to make money, I already have plenty of that.)

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I want em, I PMed you and all.  Hit me up or email me- karimjaghab@yahoo.com.  I'm down for the eBay auction thing, that's no problem.  Speak soon man! Thanks.

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