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Perfect jeans

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Hey wassup guys, alright so I wanted to know anyone heard anything about makeyourownjeans.com for raw denim selvage because I'm trying to find the perfect pair of jeans. I'm looking for raw denim selvage with long inseam, I mean like 36+ inseam. I'm not trying to pay more than $200+ cause then i could find them easily. Or what about unbranded jeans? Anyone have any ideas of brands that would be good? I bought N&F indigo weird guy, but they're not long enough for me. Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.

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hmmm, I have never tried MTM jeans so can't speak from direct experience, but my opinion is this - jeans are one of the few items (like suits for example) that are not just a complilation of measurements. The reason you're paying so much, besides the material, construction, and yes, the big label markups, is in part because of the design. the design takes skill and time to refine, and that's what you're paying for. You're not a jeans designer and a company with your measurements will 'sort of' get the fit, but not give you a great look. I've seen plenty of MTM suits, and while they sort of 'fit', what they're missing really is any sort of personality or design. We all know how when you find the right pair, they look great, but it's easy to throw on any ol' thing and sort of get a fit... so IMO hunt around. There are lots of brands with long inseams...


check info here:






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hmmm, I have never tried MTM jeans so can't speak from direct experience


What is MTM? I keep hearing it, but not what is stands for. yeah Kinda new to this whole raw denim thing. And Damn, yeah it makes sense, you get what you pay for. But like really, 300$ for a pair of jeans that wouldn't go perfect on me? Ever tried Skulls, they have long inseam but then again the price is steep. Just got into College and about to get a job and I guess these prices won't affect me as much but still damn raw denim is expensive. I'm looking for that perfect stly eof stack where it's not too skinny but not too baggy, I'm going to have to tailor but still gotta search. Thxs for the help


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MTM = made to measure. basically they have a set pattern that they choose that's roughly what you want, then they adjust it to fit your measurements before putting it together. As opposed to bespoke where they make a pattern from scratch, or OTR/P = off the rack/peg where you but it as is and adjust it after it's been made.

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