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I'm interested in buying a SAFADO-A 0019N, but i'm just a little confused about the fit: the title says "regular slim" but in the details-section of the page it says "straight leg" cut.


First question: what's the difference between "regular slim" and "straight leg"?  Does it have the same cut as other (normal) Safados?


Second question: why can I only choose the waist, and not the lenght?


Thanks for your help.

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They are cut exactly like other safado's but the stretch factor will be different than denim safado's. You can only choose waist size because they are basically casual dress slacks and that's just how diesel does it when they take a denim cut and make them with that material. Depending on the waist size you choose they will have either a 32 or 34 in inseam. I've seen them in person they are pretty slick, perfect for a business casual dress code where denim jeans are not acceptable dress.
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there is not problem they are straight leg and regulars slim... I mean they are just differently "tagged" on web pages, but they will fit same as other Safados (not speaking about the sizing due to the fabric)... And they don't have inseam for choose because they are fashion pants (you can find million of posts here about it).

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Thanks for your explanations.


Do you know if a waist 27 in combination with length 34 is available?


Probably not... :'(

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I don't think :-/

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Mmh...  Yeah, thought so too.  I left Diesel a message. Never know...  ;-)  Will post their answer.

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A 27 waist will most definitely come in a 32 inseam.
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Their answer:


"We are sorry to inform you that we are not able to obtain the details you requested."



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Tries them on today and they run long and the shop assistant said they are all 32 length but they are stacked at the bottom so you might get another couple of inches out of them. They are really nice.
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