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Raw Denim

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Wasssup, new to the site. I had a few questions regarding Raw denim brands. Are there any brands out there that I could get with a large inseam without it costing like $200+, like imperials look great but are 300$ and that's not me. I'm looking for raw denim with 36+ inseam, i own N&F weird guy indigo, looks good but Im looking for something with more stacks, longer. Anyone try Unbranded denim, or THVM? And does anyone have any info on the site, makeyourownjeans.com? Is it good? Cause for 98$ I could customize my own raw denim selvage jeans. Or what about getting Levis 501s 31x38 online? I'm new to this whole raw denim thing in general, so yeah. Well anyways, if there's any info you guys have, I would love to know, and I'm looking for a tapered fit, not slim straight but wouldn't really mind tapering them. I've been searching for the perfect pair of raw denim and still haven't found it, but not gonna give up. Thanks in advance

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i love THVM. i just bought a pair. great fit, good quality and good price...

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