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Comparison with diesel

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I wear a waist 32 in diesel vikers and wondering what sizing will I need in true religion straight leg jeans. Also i'm wondering if they come length 30 or are they all the same length

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TR doesn't have different inseam length options.  Some pairs come standard with different lengths but it all depends on the wash, cut and waist size.  Typically mens inseams are 33"-35".


Comparing with another brand is also not so black & white since pairs will vary in fit.  Your best bet would be to get some measurements and compare to a pair of jeans you currently own. 


To generalize both TR and Diesel tend to run big in their sizing so a 32 or even a 31 in TR should work for you (in most cases). 

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Men's Ricky Premium Vintage Jean Shallowmaker

Men's Bobby Premium Vintage Jean Saratoga



does anyone how the sizing works for these washes. thanks

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