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Edwin Jeans

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Hi, so yesterday i've been a little bit surprised when i looked for people speaking about "Edwin Jeans" on denim blog and i almost found nothing. I heared alot of good things about this brand, i even own a pair of "ED 47 raw organic green selvedge" which is a 14,5 oz, and id like to know if some people here owned a pair of dry edwin jeans ? and if yes id like to know what do you think about it ? etc...

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Nobody ...? icon_sad.gif

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There aren't many people that wear raw on here.  I bet there's an Edwin jeans thread on Superfuture's forum though, if you want to check it out.

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I have a pair of Edwin Sen, they have been pretty good, I have almost owned them for a year and still have not washed them.  I am at the point where they are broken in nicely and they have fallen into my comfortable jeans collection.  Main problem I had was not buying small enough.  The waist stretched out quite a bit and is now extremely large for me.  I need to cinch them with my belt in order for them to fit correctly.  Compared to other raw jeans I have worn these were quite reslient.  I haven't put a good beating on these yet but they still have yet to fade after almost a year.  I don't wear them everyday though.  I really like them and not many people wear Edwin's.  I would get another pair in a heartbeat.  Maybe try something that isn't raw from them. 

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I heard about the Ed Sen they are great quality jeans from the feedback that i had (too bad they are skinny). My Raw ED-47 it also stretched but the cut is still good to me even if i need a belt. I also recieve another pair of ED-47 last week but it's not a raw pair, it's a simple wash it look kinda like a "diesel 8at" if you know it. By the way it could be cool if you post pics of your Edwin Pair ? :) (Excuse my english, it's not my first language :) )

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