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hi guyz, 


i'm new at this site. 

i need help for finding a new brand name for new products, i'm planning to create and market my jeans, but i don't have the brand name, can you guys help me finding suitable name. thanks

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How about "Volta"? Its just as good as any and you came up with it.

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De Soul !!! 653.gif

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Well what's the basic message behind the denim/ brand? Like how the brand "Unbranded" denim is branded just that because they sell their denim for a cheap price but give you quality denim and know that most people buy denim for the brand name, that's why it's called unbranded. If you're trying to sell a pair of denim for a good price but great quality, you could call it "Odd One Out/ Triple O's" because you would sell you're jeans which are the same quality as other jeans just not for that 300$ price tag, instead something people wouldn't really hesitate to buy or something that more people can afford. Just a suggestion but hope you do well. And let me know about your product, would love to look into it.

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