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Thanaz 8SV?

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Anyone selling or know where I can find a pair? Size 31 or 32/32.



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I would actually be interested in a size 28/32 if available as well!

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30/30 wanted here! LOL

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30x30 & 31x32 both available on ebay.

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I have one in size 29x30 ;)

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Want a 27/30 or 28/30 here!!!!!

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I actually wanna sell mine in size 28/34, plz pm for more detials

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i want 29/30.  how much?

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Hey ohdude. Thanks for your offer but unfortunately I bought a 28/32 on eBay a few days ago so I'm now off to find Thanaz 73j icon_biggrin.gif
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Not sure if they are any good to anyone!?


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i have a size 27 that i'd like to sell.  they've been worn a bit, but treated with love.  message me if you're interested.

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