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Mens Levis jeans keep falling down

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Does anyone know what Levis jeans might stay on my hips best without suspenders?

I have a long torso and short legs, no hips like most men, and a bit of a pot belly, but not overweight besides that.

But I am known for always having my pants falling down and my shirt hanging out.

To make things worse, I have an odd waist size and length that's hard to find,

35W and 29L.

Levis sizes in stores just drive me crazy. They sell 33 waist, but hardly any 35? That's insane. Do you know how many guys are right around the 33 to 38 size range?

35's and 37's should be very common. I know the bit about trying on a lot of pants above and below your size, that is just stupid. I don't have hours to try on pants.

I just asked the online rep on the Levis site, and at first she said she didn't know what I meant. I cannot tell you how stupid this conversation was. She basically said if I had the correct waist size my pants shouldn't fall down.

Anyway, does anyone know if:

1) There is a particular model of Levis that may be better suited for me to prevent this as much as possible? Their web site is just as hard to use as shopping in their stores. Too many models and they really doesn't address my problem.

2) Is there any place online that might have my size?

I know Levis at least used to sell 35w x 29L, but I didn't see it on their drop down size list.

Thanks for any insight. I was just at the Woodbury Commons outlet center in NY today, and nothing was in order. If there was any possibility they had this size, it was like finding a needle in a haystack and I walked out fed up.




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Levis has somehow changed how they make their men's jeans.  I stopped buying their jeans several years ago when they starting getting so expensive. Last week I bought a couple of pairs on sale.  I can't keep the damn things up....even with a tight belt. They are constantly sliding down.  They are made sorta like hip huggers and are not very comfortable.

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Thanks for posting this great thread

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Thanks for sharing this.

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My suggestion is to try the 505's it's a regular fit but if you need a little more room then the 550.  Kohls.com as well as Levis.com both carry 35x30 that's as close as you will get to the size you need.  This size is an on-line order only.  I you have any questions you can also call the 1800 USA-LEVI number.  The customer service can help you find your product and where you can find them.

I work for Levi's.  Hope this helps.  

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you are probably trying on the wrong fit for you.  Yes Levi's has lower rise jeans but they also have jeans that sit at the waist.  Example would be the 505 regular, 550 relaxed ,559 relaxed straight.

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