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Belt or no belt?

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I have noticed more and more that guys here are not wearing belts with their jeans more and more. Even when they tuck in a shirt I have noticed more and more guys without a belt displaying the top button of their jeans.


How do you wear your jeans? With or without belts?


Post your pix too to show how you wear yours.

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Always with a belt. It's a compulsion. Id feel weird without one. You can check my previous pic posts on my profile page. Always have a belt on. I have quite a collection, a dozen at least!
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I belt my jeans even if its fits perfect, i feel odd without a belt, whn i wear low rises i get a feelin of my jeans fallin down without belt lol

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It's a huge pet peeve of mine. people who dont wear belts. i never need it for function but the way it looks w/o a belt is horrible to me. im partial to the 'frat boy tuck' tho. so it just looks really tacky to me sans belt...

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With my larkee and viker i don't but with my thanaz I do

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I don't. For comfort mostly... but last time I did, the leather stained the denim so I stopped.

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I use a rope!

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Originally Posted by igorek View Post

I use a rope!

i use tape or cable strap in different colors ;-)

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For me it depends how the jeans fit. Personally I'd prefere not to wear a belt though.
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Dude I feel so naked with no belt on. I think Jogg jeans are the only jeans I own that I dont belt. Thats because the drawstring being tied makes me feel like I have a belt on.

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I always wear a belt, i feel weird without a belt. I have different color and style belts to match my jeans.

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