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tepphar 881w

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I bought tepphar 881w in size 32/32 and it fits and looks alite butt I can also go with 30/32 and 31/32. I am wondering if tepphar 881w stretches like crazy then should I just go for 30/32 or 31/32? or just stay with 32/32?


I usually go for 29/32 for strechy thanaz and 30/32 for 100% cotton thanaz. 


I am really not sure what size I should go for.


I will appreciate your opinions. Thanks.

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Size down because Tepphar stretch A LOT

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so should i go for W30 which is my usual size for stretchy thanaz?



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go with your standard Thanaz/Thavar size as long as the calf fits- 881W is a stretch wash, but it doesn't seem to be stretching out to the point of sizing down..

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yea i wen for 30/30 w31 and w32 look way too baggy. thanks for your advices guys again.
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