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Yoox shipping?

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How long does yoox shipping take?  I'm in new england and i ordered some jeans last night (tuesday) with express shipping.  Do you think i could get them by friday?

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if you get the tracking number by wednesday, you will/might recieve your product by friday unless there are no working holidays

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Takes about a week with UPS for me. (I'm in EU.)vans.php

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I recently ordered one from Yoox. They shipped it from NJ state location by UPS. So I think you might get in two or three days.

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All depends, as there are two stages of shipping. First, they get shipped from the European warehouse to a US location (NJ, which is where all US orders ship from AFAIK), then there is the shipping from that location to you. The first stage isn't trackable, so it can be hard to tell (I'm sure this is because they don't ship as individual boxes, rather huge boxes with tickets attached to each item bag, hence the importance of the bags).


Yoox is based in Europe and perhaps this transfer is how they avoid people having to pay customs duties (since they technically have a US presence but the warehouse is overseas). Not sure on that, though.

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