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Diesel thavar 880g question

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hey guys. i just have a question regarding the fit of these jeans, are these tighter than the other thavars like 8NE? or 8b9? Cause the 32 weist in these seem tighter than the other ones. I want to order these online , if anyone could shed some light that would be great.

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Size up for 880G imo as the denim is thicker compared to others

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so bigger than 32? most diesel ive orderd in 32 especially thavars were ppretty damn big for my weist so not sure how to go with this one maybe since u said size up ill go for 32. thavar 8b9 runed big on 32 but 8ne was good in 32. thx for the advice

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yes 8ne are tighter than 8b9, stick to 32 then

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thx aot for the help

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Anyone know if thavar 880g run larger or smaller than 886b? Also if they stretch? Thanx

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my pair stretched one whole size, dont size up take my advice size down, had to replace my pair with a size 28. not sure compared to 886b i havnt worn mine yet

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Cool thank. I guess I'll just stay with my same size as 886b cuz they're a little snug in the legs.

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Where's jeanetic on tho topic? Haha

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i tried my 886B i had to size up. my standard straight leg is 30. as i work out 3-4 times a week to the gym so my legs are big. actually cut with muscles not the thick kind lol.


when i tried 30 i couldnt fit it all the way through my legs as it was too tight. sized up perfect but the only draw back is the waist is a bit loose. but going to keep it low rise w/ belt anyways its for spring/summer.


hope the waist doesnt scretch much at all.

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Remember that ALL Diesel jeans stretch up at least a full size after a few wears.  The Thavar 880G are the same way.  Take your regular waist size (which is what I did and it worked out fine) but know this- they are very restrictive on the knees and crotch as they are like a raw denim (like 88Z).  I love mine, they have this amazing shine to it as they are part of the 3D Evolution Diesel collection and the stitching on them stands out nicely.  I just wish the crotch and knee weren't so tight! Look great with brown and red items though!

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