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HELP! Stretch Pink A Pocket?

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Hi there. I was trying to do a search on stretch pink A pocket jeans, but there wasn't a clear answer at the end of the forum, so I thought I might ask the expert again. Do SFM make a stretch pink A pocket?

Here is the link to the auction I am watching and thinking of bidding on:


and here are more pictures the seller sent me:


I appreciate all the help! Thanks.
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I dont really know for sure but I know they make a stretch ROSE pocket, which is light pink and the wash is like windsor--these are stretch. What is the cut number of the pic you posted?
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Nevermind...I saw the cut on the auction page. I would beware because this cut (701497) is a known fake on Bianca's webpage...see here:

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Thanks. I will be wary of that. I'm just confused because I could not find any stretch pink A pocket that was this cut number, nor have I seen a stretch pink A (besides the rose pocket) in a reputable store.

Sigh* the overwhelming number of fakes are so much, and they are getting more sophisticated that it's hard to tell the difference sometimes
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I just purchase a pair of pink a pockets on ebay with the same cut. 701497
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...7312 052&rd=1
I know its on the list of fake sevens, but how can I be sure? From the pictures, they seem to be authentic (according to dave's fake criteria). I guess i'll have to look more closely at the tags and spelling.
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Go to SEARCH and type in RATIONALFASHION (the seller) ---you'll see what others think about him. I BELIEVE that he sells all fakes!! Just look at the amount of jeans hes selling.
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Once you see authentic seven pink pockets youll see the difference, I dont think these look like them at all. Im sorry to say I think they're fake. You'll notice once you feel the quality. Try to get a refund!!
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Originally Posted by jessluvsteak
I know its on the list of fake sevens, but how can I be sure?

Hilary is correct - you'd notice they're fake at once if you compared them to an authentic pair. Here's another reason apart from the criterias on my website why I believe these cannot be authentic: The style number is wrong. U130N055U used to be the cut number for the first Rose A Pockets with stretch. These were only made in the Windsor wash which is a very light blue. You don't need to be an expert to see the blue isn't light at all. Authentic Pink A Pockets come in NYD wash NON-stretch, so the authentic style number should be U130061U (U130 for A Pocket, 061U for NYD Rigid).

Apart from this I'm very sure (in my opinion) these are not authentic. I've owned about 5 authentic Pink A Pockets so far (due to my weight loss earlier this year), so I know what an authentic pair should look like. They certainly don't look like the pair rationalfashion (and most other sellers) is selling on ebay ...

Greets, Bianca
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