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Are jeans with pocket designs outdated?

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From flipping a few pages of recent blogposts and looking at jeans worn by many celebrities, i can't help but notice that nobody really wears those jeans with big R or crowns on pockets anymore. Most of the jeans pockets do not have any design or logo/pattern nowadays, it's mostly all about the wash, distress and cuts. IMHO, I think they look better this way anyway since it makes the jeans more streamlined and not as tacky, so i hope this trend continues and pocket designs don't come back anytime soon. What are your thought on this?

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Lol...well rock and republic is extremely outdated. First off they went bankrupt and will now be sold for $39 at khols. The denim quality always sucked anyways. I wouldn't say that all pocket designs are outdated. Look a Diesel for instance. Diesel is as popular as ever but has more subtle pockets and not a big corny r. True Religion doesn't really do anything new besides new horseshoes. Diesel is without a doubt the best jeans ever made as far as looks are concerned. They also are great quality and they come in different lengths which rr and tr really don't very often. Diesel is always doing something new. Hands down they are the best. Also, jeans like j brand with no pocket designs at all are blah. I know the denim is quality but they don't really look that great. The only plain pocket jeans I could see myself wearing would be prps, Dior homme, or balmain motor styled jeans.
Anyways to sum up, yes big "r" pockets are horrendously gay and hVe often been confused by people not up on premium denim with roca wear. Now that's embarrassing.
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For guys, maybe...I hope they're not outdated for girls though! I love my blingy pockets :)

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I think it's time for a change. Blingy pockets have become a bit like fins on 1960's Chevrolets.. they just got more and more outrageous until people realised they looked not futuristic but anachronistic.  I'm no designer but i just think it's a too easy option to have fancy decorated pockets rather than really try some nice stand back and think designs. Just my view as an older  male!


While I'm here, I have a question. What are denim leggings??  I came across them when looking for something light but in denim for my girlfriend. I saw  FC ones on this page- 


but I don't want to make a fashion faux pas!icon_smile.gif


So... for Summer, when it's hot, is it ok (ie fashionable) for a young lady (30) to wear denim leggings, or have they some kind of taboo attached to them?  I've not seen many about in England, except in Holiday Camps by the Seaside.



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I work in a boutique and see women wearing them all of the time. They are called jeggings and there really is no difference in the way they look and a pair of jeans. It would probably depend on if your girl liked super skinny jeans or not.

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Jeggings?!  Wow.. I must get out more and improve my street lingo!

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Yes. I never understood the desire for it in the first place. Why do you want a tourist replica of the  Eiffel Tower sewn onto the backs of your jeans????? It was tacky then, and is outdated now. Just as low rise jeans are outdated. And if someone doesn't know what a jegging is, they obviously don't pay much attention to fashion...not that there is anything wrong with that. ;)

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I like this topic! I think pocket designs started as a way to recognize brand (7FAM and Citizens are two iconic ones that come to mind) and then the trend spiraled out of control (looking at you studded fleur de lis patterns) Personally, I've never been a huge fan of it anyway and always preferred brands that don't have pocket designs. Plus, I think the trend of embellishments have carried over to the entire pair now.

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I expect that sales are driving this tendency.  They are not outdated, but for other reasons.  I can speak for jeans here in Brazil, what I assume and know.


1) Brazilian tendency for women and preference is jeans with no back pockets, the real bareback jeans, as men here are butt watchers, women like to show (if they have a good formated rear end) and pockets of any types distract. And fancy pockets take away from the "junk in trunk" that wants to be shown, so simplier is better.


2) As all my jeans are female jeans, because better cut, better fitting for men,  more variations in sizes,  and for certain, I sure will not buy any with lady like pocket designs - this gives a larger potential Market.  I am not alone, I expect here that 35% of men (seen higher numbers in formal polls) wear lady jeans for same reason I do, because there are so few manufactures making the males jeans but not what men really want. So men also buy female jeans.


3) And for sure, cost considerations.  Market is asking for price reductions, a  few dollars here and there make a difference and a dollar saved in manufacturing could represent a 5 dólar saving in final price to the  customer.   In addition so many jeans are mass produced and companies/stores who buy them have their label sewen on to the back belt line or inside -they are all  the same!. Having a designer pocket costs more, reduces the specific production volume so it is becoming a Market issue to keep them simple.


 However I am really surprised that there are not more attention calling pockets on jeans.

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