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How do you ladies think about this pair of SFAM relaxed fit jeans for men?

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I have a slender body but I don't like wearing tight clothing, i usually wear relax fit graphic-tees and relaxed fit jeans with converse.




I do like the fact that there's no texture on the backpockets which i find kind of feminine on a man's jeans.

So give me your thought on that and maybe color of tee to match it with. Thanks a bunch!

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If you like relaxed jeans, go for it! I do find that the relaxed cut is harder for me to sell in the smaller sizes (so I usually won't pick up sizes below, say, 33 for resale) but there are plenty of guys who like them. The wash is really nice too.

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Im not a girl but I am married to one(a very pretty one at that) ;) Anyways I will tell you what she tells me. I am 5'9 140 lbs and she tells me that relaxed fit for men my size is a no go. She says its not flattering and makes it appear as I have no butt(which I do..lol). So if you are worried about looking feminine then I would not go for 7FAM. There is nothing wrong with it but there are a lot of people who directly correlate 7fam with females/gays. I own 7fam myself but I am not too worried about people thinking im feminine(advantage to being married). Maybe go with Diesel. They are about the manliest jeans you can get. Maybe something like Diesel Viker which is not too relaxed but is not tight either or Diesel Larkee which is the same story. Those are both considered straight legs. If you prefer bootcut that has more of a relaxed feel but is not too relaxed then go with Zathan. They will not make your figure become unflattering and will prevent the feminine look associated with 7fam. Also, Diesel.com at Store.Diesel.com is having a 30% off sale of all of their spring/summer denim collection. To get your appropriate size then just subtract two from your waist circumference and you have your tag size. This will probably be the same as your 7FAM size anyways. For instance my waist is about 30.5" around so I buy a size 28. Also with Diesel you can select your inseam so you wont have to hem them.

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^Yeah, if you're that slender (below about a 30) I'd say go for a tighter fit, definitely, but it'll depend on your specific size and build. (The reverse is true too: I've told my size-36 bf in no uncertain terms that if he ever tries wearing skinny jeans, I'll dump him!)

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yeah so be sure to let us know what you decide on!

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Thanks for much of your suggestions! I wear a 29 or 30 with inseam around 30-31

Actually i already owned a pair of SFAM i picked up a while back at SAKS, but they are more like a silm cut for my legs..

Let me see..

They are called Standard and the fabric is real complex, but probably the softest jeans i ever worn.








Anyway.. long story short, im no longer into looking like a rocker even though they do fit my chicken legs, I'm looking forward to a more manly beachy kind of look, hence the new jeans.

I love the name, "Relax in Beachwater" and the coloring of the jeans that's more laidback and not as dressy-sparkly but more of a mono-tone color.


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oh.. btw i have tried on a pair of Diesel before but i found the fabric a bit too stiff to my liking.. maybe they would have softened up after a few washes.. but i found SFAM to be the best choice of designer jeans for me, following by G-Star and J Brand, though i don't own either.. but im a fan of celeb blogs and fashion blogs and looked at a lot of styles from celebrities on a daily basis.

I think the subtly of designer jeans is important to a man's style in order to not look too girly or ""FaBulouS"" lol ya know what i mean. 

I like the SFAM more so because of their signature squiggle on the back pockets which look more "designer" than its competitive brands like True Religions or Rock and Republic with its shoehorns or BIG Rs, which i find to be much too flashy for a guy, especially when im going for a laidback, beachy relax style. Hope i make sense :)




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No you do. The denim being soft just depends on the wash you try on though. I have had 7fam with stiff denim and I own plenty of Diesels that are soft. Anyways Rocks are played out and will be selling at khols for $39 next spring so their hayday is gone. True Religion is kind of boring. Its the same old thing year after year. Diesel has been the only brand to continually bring creative new ideas for denim each year. If you even check their site out you will see what I mean. If 7FAM is what you like then 7FAM is what you should wear. I just wouldnt recommend relaxed fit if you are slim. Why wear expensive jeans if they look like crap on you?

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I got my new jeans and I respectfully disagreed with the statement that relaxed fit would look like crap on someone that's slim.

This is me in my standard 7FAM straight cut jeans




they make my feet look very slim and they are still a tad loose, def. not tight fit. but i can't wear it with jacket or hoodie otherwise i will look like a top heavy guy with chicken legs, but hoodie is pretty much a daily wear for me living in NorCal

Hence the relaxed fit.




I do think that it's important to have the right inseam hemmed on relaxed fit jeans and wear it at the right waist/hip bone or they will look sag/or crap as you put it.

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Honestly get whatever fits you. I have a size 32 waste and 35/36 legs from weight lifting. I have 2 pairs of 7fam relaxed in a 33. It still shows my ass and gives a comfortable fit on my legs. Not tight or too loose either

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Well considering you have bigger legs from weight lifting you really wouldnt have the proper insight into this matter, For skinny people like us (bird legs), relaxed fit jeans look totally ridiculous. It gives us no back and gives our legs a weird appearance.

Still he can wear what he pleases. It will just look weird.

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