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The suit that I bought from Bluefly is fake, counterfeit. 
There are reports of fake items being sold by Bluefly. I researched this before buying and was wary of their products' authenticity, but the Hugo Boss suit that I bought from them that has just arrived is a fake. 
I have tried on several Hugo Boss suits in store in the same style and cut. Let's get one thing straight: trying on one of these genuine suits is an absolute delight. But immediately after  trying on this jacket I knew something was wrong. It is stiff, horrible in feel, and is poorly fit and cut, making it among the worst suits I have ever tried on. It is unbalanced, and the material is coarse. The arms are baggy and the cut around the shoulder is embarrassing. I am immediately sending it back. Further to this, the labels and stitching are not right. The labels are cheap plastic/synthetic tags that you might find on a $5 chinese t-shirt, and worse: the barcodes and serial numbers have been hacked into and scratched off!??
Moreover, Bluefly have seemed to address their customers' claims with a professional air, brushing off claims by articulately structuring answers that fooled me. So, Bluefly, this is now among the first of many post I intend to provide to others so that they, and you, can start to acknowledge this unlawful, shocking abuse of decent online commerce. How you can even be in business is unbelievable. I don't care what your sales figures say, shame shame shame. The authorities, seriously need to get onto you and I will be doing all that I can to ensure that happens.