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Originally Posted by amocjc View Post

Here some pics of tepphar 886A. Definitively worth buy it! the jeans is a little rough and because of that it doesn't look like

legging. Ah, i sized up from 29 to 30.





I like them too, but why did you size up, are they so tight?


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I size up to avoid the "EMO look" that tepphar some times has.

When you size up you still gonna have the skinny look,

the waist size is gonna be almost the same, but you not gonna

have the legging look (personally i dont like it). If you have thin thighs

you dont need to do that ( buy your regular size).

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Received my new Diesel pullover today:)

Diesel K-Elly in grey/green



and new sneakers:

Diesel Midday Cord black, btw:here's my sneakers collection:P


Front row: F.l.t.r: Lowday cord blue, Midday Cord Black, Midday brown, Yuk grey/red, Yuk dark grey

back row: f.l.t.r 4 Different replay sneakers, and G-Star sneakers (the only g-star thing i ever boght :D )


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very nice

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Originally Posted by Dieselicious View Post

got any pics of this orange DBG?


This is what I was talking about http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL%20BLACK%20GOLD/detail/tskay/230223AD/cod10/36293604UA/mm/11660/agerange/Adult/mm/11660

Great wash and great fit. I only have 1 dbg and it's the Superbia fit, and now I see these are also superbia!!!! Def gonna get them.

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Damn, that's pretty sweet. Need to check it out IRL. Thanks for the info. 

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I think 2 more jeans arrived:




However I love  them :O




don't know what I should say to them.. you like them?


Btw do you think size 27 would fit me (Darron) if I normally wear 27/30?



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sry for double post

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the darron wash is awesome:) 

the thanaz is something special, but a bit to extreme, for me. I think this is the first stripes exposure, isn't it?

nevertheless both are cool

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I kinda like the thanaz, perfect for summer :)

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Thanaz wash is truly horrendous. Shame on diesel, thanaz was such an iconic cut and if they didn't care about making decent washes for it then should make one more amazing wash and let it retire gracefully and with dignity. Giving it an ugly wash like that it just insulting to all the thanaz fans out there. And the Darron wash is really nice. I'd snap it up if I didn't have the braddom 887D. 

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The darron is nice but wth is with those Thanaz????

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Jeanetic do you think they will fit me :P?

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I like those Thanaz
i think it looks perfect with sailer shoe and light blue or white shirt
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if you get your size why wouldnt they?

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Hmm I don't know what  lenght they have :/

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God damn it !


Why the hell have the Thanaz 8880N vanished from the site?

I wanted to buy them...as soon as I had the money that is..



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Thanaz 880L




Thanaz 888I



and here is high res pics of some models of new season



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Originally Posted by qwerk View Post

Thanaz 880L





for High Quality http://files.prfact.ch/Diesel/SS12/Male/Denim/Still_Life/THANAZ%20880L.jpg


On my Wishlist



and these, too


Rombee XT 887V



for High Quality : http://files.prfact.ch/Diesel/SS12/Male/Denim/Still_Life/ROMBEE%20XT%20887V.jpg




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Yup, love the 887V. Great summer wash. 

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Nice new washes! 880L legs look like tepphar, looks very skinny.


Btw anyone seen thavar 885b? http://www.revolveclothing.com/DisplayProduct.jsp?product=DIES-MJ244&c=Diesel&d=b

Looks like 8N1 wash.

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Originally Posted by baltimore View Post

Nice new washes! 880L legs look like tepphar, looks very skinny.


Btw anyone seen thavar 885b? http://www.revolveclothing.com/DisplayProduct.jsp?product=DIES-MJ244&c=Diesel&d=b

Looks like 8N1 wash.


I like it. I like the 880L better than 888

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Are the Thanaz 880L being sold in any website ?

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better picture of  thanaz 880L




New Narrot I'm guessing ?




Hate the cut but I like the hue.

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Thanaz 880l looks a bit like Tepphar 8pk

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