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Anybody has any idea when the safado 0888R (shown in pictures earlier in the thread) will make an appearance on the Diesel store?

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I would say it'll be out early next year with the rest of the exposure washes. Can't wait to see it. It looks awesome in the pics.
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well thanaz is also a best seller and to be honest u cant compare shioner with thanaz....shioner is more like krooley imo and thavar is not thanaz ;(


also there is a tepphar hype since last collection...dont know why

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Yeah I don't get the whole tepphar thing. I do like thanaz tho but just hasn't got the washes and haven't had for a while now. Although, last season the 8QQ was nice I like the 887K fro this season but thanaz doesn't get the great washes like shioner and thavar. Washes like the 880M,74Y,886B,etc. Shame really, thanaz still has quite a following.
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fashion changes and style changes, but one thing is for sure, they will always come back. whats popular 3 yrs ago (bootcut for example) might not be in trend now. however give it a few more yrs, everyone will be buying them again. just my 2 cents.


i love thanaz too, and the older washes still rock, 71b, 8aa, 73j, 8lp. in a way i am glad there isnt much "must buy" washes now. otherwise i will have to declare bankruptcy.  



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ha ha ha ha true word im also glad thaht there are not many must have washes for me =)

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His is my first look at one of the exposure washes. Was kinda looking forward to this coz the pics posted earlier from the brochure made it look really cool. I'll let you all decide for yourself. So here it is:
Viker-r-box 887Q "black" exposure.
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I know!! I thought it couldve been competition for the 887D. It looks more like White exposure. If the pics are that far off the mark, what are the rest of them like? Especially the 74Z vintage exposure.
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Dud I don´t know, I really did like the color .. it was really unique.Some grey, pinkish color with black dirt.... well I thought it was like that xD.

Even 887D doesnt look like the show pics or the pics from diesel.com mainpage.





But isn´t the first time store website showing wrong pics. I can name alot, but 8x2 is the best example.

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Best example for wrong pictures was Thanaz 8B9. They got blank backpockets at the webshop photos, which looked much better to me that it was in reality actually.

But Thavar 8X2 is another good example. Funny enough I'm wearing them today. :)

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BAM. Just bought Braddom 887D:) will try to take some pics tomorrow;)

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nice can't wait!
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wow I cant wait. I think I am going to pull the trigger on the Thavar 8QU. They are fine fine fine.

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Those are nice! Are they jeans or pants?

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Thats a good question! Ill let you know!

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THATS the thavar i was talking about a few days ago. Looks soooooooo awesome in real life. There are a lot of 8qu's out. So some braddom yesterday...

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Hey guys I'm about to place an order and while I've decided on the Safado 885R I'm debating on whether or not to get the braddom 887D or the 74Y. I'll get both eventually of course, but I'm torn on where to start!!!
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I can tell you, start with 887D. 74Y is a great wash, no doubt, but the braddom will BLOW you away.... 74Y can't keep up

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Youre right and i always knew i think!! Will post pics as soon as they arrive!!

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WHy the hell does the braddom look so different in the preview pic when compared to the online store pics?

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Relentless, have you tried shioner 74y? Does it fit you? I guess I have almost the same shape of legs like you have. 

What size have you bought in braddom? Waiting for braddom pics:)))

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