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The 74Y dont look that great in that pic!

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in the larkee version they look not bad but not good as i hope.

the 886b looks better

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i was dissapointed as is saw the 74y wash in vienna on larkee..............the sand colour was very intense...........looks like diesel uses photoshop on preview pics of jeans....dont know why because people only can get disapointed 

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lokks a little bit energie style.


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I was also disappointed when I saw them -.-

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IMG_0840.JPG    IMG_0841.JPG 


IMG_0843.JPG   IMG_0844.JPG


IMG_0845.JPG   IMG_0846.JPG



IMG_0847.JPG  IMG_0848.JPG


IMG_0849.JPG   IMG_0850.JPG



Took me a while to upload the pics..



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Looks too much like dsquared2 , and because everyone here wears dsquared2 or wanna-be-dsquared jeans , is one good reason not to buy/like them. I like the thavar very much thou, or the grey braddom (have not seen it btw)
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the 88E Brown Winkles and 887V looks awesome :)

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Yeah, 887V looks really nice. Not too mad on the brown wrinkles. Pics not so clear tho. So I'll reserve opinion till later!!!
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yeah, but is 887v a thavar fit???

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Wow!!!Those pics are awesome! When will those be available? the guys from the store in cologne said in 3-4 weeks...


Saw the preview washes there... But nothing special. Krooley 884c ( i already owned the timmen), a lighter Krooley, a dakr blue/black darron (don't remember all those new washes) which looked pretty awesome but darron is not mine... and a few others. but compared to those washes, the preview is poor.:P

i bought the safado 80I:P

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For some reason the pics are way too blurry on my iPhone. Guess ill haveto wait til I get home from work to see them :(

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Not too impressed...

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74z frost exposure and 6z brown wrinkles dont know if i read it correct look interesting....

in which cut will they come?

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you mean 68Z !


wash 68Z comes for Larkee-T and Tepphar



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  • 886A Black Fading Darron/ Tepphar
  • 68Z Brown Wrinkles Larkee-T / Tepphar
  • 74Y Blue Resin Shioner / Larkee
  • 886B Black Drumming Thavar
  • 886P Blue Bakery Krooley / Safado
  • 887D Brown Bone Braddom
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and 74z?

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anyone knows if there will some Narrot in spring summer 2012? thanks

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God I hope not...
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I need real pics of these jeans to decide what I truly like.

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do you have pics from 887V? or from the 888R? :)



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Originally Posted by kikodepa View Post

anyone knows if there will some Narrot in spring summer 2012? thanks

Lets all hope it doesnt come down to that again


Originally Posted by Gpoop View Post

I need real pics of these jeans to decide what I truly like.

Yeah for sure. You can never trust their pics anymore. 


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Some bell-end has a pair of Thavar 8Y9 - http://deliciousdenim.tumblr.com/

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