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Nice fit on the tepphar 887 tookwick4ya, I have them same pair.  After wearing them a couple of times

they do stretch out, so don't size down.  The wash is so fucking sick. It took me a while to decide on which

specific pair of my size that I liked better coz each pair is so individual.

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Originally Posted by Phukette View Post

Was at Harvey Nichols today and tried on some jeans. Loved the Thanaz and Shioner. Absolutely HATED the RombeeXT fit. Too loose on the thighs and I had to squeeze my feet through the leg opening I wasn't a fan. Pics aren't very clear coz the lighting was fucking odd in those changing rooms!


Shioner 886Z and RombeeXT 888Q(hate them!)






Thanaz 8QP (I loved these, Thanaz fit is slightly different to Thavar, a better fit IMO)


Can I know your height and weight and your size in thanaz


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Sure thing buddy,

I'm 6'2 170lbs and I took a 32x32 in the thanaz.


My Thanaz 887K arrived today with  a load of allsaints stuff I ordered. The 887k were a steal from cultizm at 164 euro with free shipping. They feel a little tight but I think they fit good and they will stretch in a day or two. This is just a quick pic from when they arrived. A proper review and pics to follow in a day or two.



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Phukette, the best fitting jeans you have I think! They are so sexy on you!

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Lee u can see well! Phukette looks good in many jeans but photo above I couldn't tell exactly how the jeans fit because it's quite dark.
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Yeah the lighting is kinda shit. I've moved house to a cottage next to where I'm building my house and it's quite dark in here. I'll try to take better photos when I get around to doing a proper review.
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887k looks great! It looks like my Leaden Sky. Nice

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thavar 888p for $250



Hey for all who have been waiting on these for a sale here it is. They run slightly smaller than other Thavar. Maybe about half a size smaller. I got mine from here and they were they yellower tinted ones which seem more popular.

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Hey Phukette, thanaz really suit you.  8QP look damn nice.  I agree with you, thanaz does fit better than thavar.

The 887K are hard to photograph.  They dont quite look as good in photos but the wash is pretty fucking amazing

when you see it right in front of you.


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i have to agree with denim-guy and say that the 8qp looks awesome on you. they are now on my list because of your fit pics.

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Very kind gentlemen, I appreciate the positive feedback! The 887K is a totally cool wash, they look kinda like the 8W3 with a little of the vintage 8SM wash. I love em. Gonna do my fit pics and review today. Before I eat all my Easter eggs and can't fit into them!!
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btw when are new diesel jeans show up?

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Originally Posted by 118i View Post

btw when are new diesel jeans show up?


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Some of those jeans are VERY ugly!
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All ugly except the plain one. They better do better than that
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i personally LOVE and can't wait for a few of these. namely: 4th 7th and 8th pictured


4th: the disgusting wrinkled thavar/thanaz ones. these look freaking amazing. definitely getting these and would be willing to, sight unseen.

7th: the salt and pepper jeans with black marks. definitely wanna see these in person.

8th: the cool of coal meets 8x2 ish krooley or thavar ones look like a potential new classic.


i'm psyched and i am so sure we're gonna see some changing opinions really soon.

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having said that, the others do seem like repeats of the least desirable washes among the current lineup.

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well i just looked at those pictures......grey and black jeans havent we get enough of them in the last 2 collections? i cant imagina that i will buy another black or grey jean.....the only picture is number 5 which looks interesting for me those oil spots ..is it thanaz?


however diesel can do better and i hoped that they will bring out some good washes...

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Personally the third last one is the only one I like. It looks like thanaz/thavar.(well, I hope it is.)The salt and pepper braddom doesn't appeal to me at all.
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Definitely not too impressed so far.
This one looks somewhat promising to me ;)




Guess we just have to wait for the whole collection to be released, hopefully a couple of better washes will show up...

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love em. 

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Is it just me or do they look like the 68Z without the rips? They look ok.
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Has the same effect like the new dgb's


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