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Originally Posted by enemy View Post

Can you post fit pics from the tepphar 887V? :)

I think I posted this already somewhere but I can't remember where so here is my fit pic in Tepphar 887V.  Pretty tight, more than I would usually like but they're so soft and stretchy and I love the wash so much so it doesn't bother me.


Tepphar 887V Front Fit.jpg

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I noticed that nobody post any photos of rombee -xt 887V. It was my first rombee, and i really liked

 the cut. A great surprise for me. Better than darron.







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thx tookwick and amocj :)

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My newest purchases =P

Thavar 8880M - Tepphar 887V - Thanaz 8880K


Newest purchase


+ Thavar 888P + Safado 888R are on the way =D

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DUDE we need a new tovani thread :D

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Do we get fit pics?
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Tovani, I like your taste in diesel jeans!


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Would love to see fit pics tovani! Which sizes did you get? After seeing your pics, I may just take the plunge to thanaz.

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Originally Posted by tovani View Post

My newest purchases =P

Thavar 8880M - Tepphar 887V - Thanaz 8880K


Newest purchase


+ Thavar 886B + Safado 888R are on the way =D

put them on and see if they


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Next week, Thavar 888P, Safado 888R, Shioner 74Z, Zatiny 888F will be at my house, I will post fit pics of all of all the new jeans that I've got recently =P

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Originally Posted by YYLittle Prince View Post

put them on and see if they


o ye ~~~fing22.gif


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wow tovani, i am not near as brave as you with the cuts. that's awesome. 

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Was at Harvey Nichols today and tried on some jeans. Loved the Thanaz and Shioner. Absolutely HATED the RombeeXT fit. Too loose on the thighs and I had to squeeze my feet through the leg opening I wasn't a fan. Pics aren't very clear coz the lighting was fucking odd in those changing rooms!


Shioner 886Z and RombeeXT 888Q(hate them!)






Thanaz 8QP (I loved these, Thanaz fit is slightly different to Thavar, a better fit IMO)


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Love the 8QP! I was thinking about picking those up for a while!

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It's like a cheaper version of the 886B. Very little difference to be honest. I was quite taken with the fit. I now know what all the fuss is all about Thanaz!

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wow the thanaz fits you very nice. I welcome you to the family ! I also dig thanaz more than thavar I don't know why
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Thanks Baltimore! If you told me a year ago I'd be wearing thavar or thanaz I seriously would've laughed but they just fit so damn well. I do prefer thanaz. Gonna order the 887K right now. And maybe the 8880K a little later.
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Dude Thanaz is definitley your fit! 8880K looks quite nice, thinkin to grab one myself, but in sale, after I buying 888p and a diesel jacket and still have money :p

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Congrats on the new cut phukette, they do look good. You should of try thanaz a long time ago.

I think 8qp is a cleaner version of 886b, and you can dress up more with it.

Hope to see more thanaz fit pics from you.
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Phukette the Thanaz look amazing on you!

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I actually like 887V alot o.o

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Phukkette, dude those are sick. I dont mind shioner on you though. Why did you hate them?

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Thanks jeanetic, I l loved the shioner and thanaz. The rombee were horrendous. Awful fit on me. I'm really taken with the whole thanaz/thavar/shioner thing. Gonna update my wardrobe a little. Safado with trainers and the slim/skinnys with boots and going out.
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no Tepphar for you? sizing up does wonders if you're not into the leggings look. i'm over ninety percent positive that you'd grow to love the cut.

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And BTW (get those burners going) I think I prefer the 8QP to the 886B. Maybe Thanaz just really is your cut.

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