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Ah ok so like last time I was there. I did buy this jacket I was looking for for ages http://store.diesel.com/nl/jackets_cod41208040wd.html I couldn't believe they had them in size s :p


I'm looking for 28w29w 30L32L

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I saw them as well nice Jacket!

Yesterday they had 1x 28x32 8qq and 1x 29x32 8qq

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Oh damn serious? Damn I'm so unlucky, how can it sell so fast, or maybe the guy didn't look good?

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I tried them both on but didn't buy them.

Try to call them again maybe the seller didn't see them.

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maybe you tried them and they put it somewhere else ? hmmm maybe I'm gonna visit the store, little bit studying in train all good.
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You could try it :)

But I would call them before visiting them again.

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Diesel Desmo 8AA








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Interesting tie in, Italian jeans for an Italian motorcycle.
BTW, Diesel sponsored 500cc Grand Prix World Champion Kevin Schwantz way back in the early '90's, if you look closely at pictures of the bikes from that era you'll see the Indian head/Only the Brave logo on their lower fairings.
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@ weenie,

Do you have more info on this Desmo cut? Looks similar to thanaz
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It's based on thanaz. 

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Thavar 888P (sorry for the crappy pics and fit. I was in a rush)


btw, my 20th pair!





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where can i get this? and does it come with other washes?


Originally Posted by Weenie View Post

Diesel Desmo 8AA









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Wow Im so lucky to get the Desmo jeans in my size before they sold out along with the Ducati tee and denim jacket. They look awesome and love Ducati and Diesel!

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Damn, out of my size. Hope the store will have it.
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awesome fit on the 888P! They look great!

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Ducati jacket really looks interesting but the jeans are too easy. it is not interesting.

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Gpoop! perfect. What kind of shoes?

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The color model 0887Q krooley equals krooley 8x6 model color?. Thank you.

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Originally Posted by Aramis View Post

Gpoop! perfect. What kind of shoes?

Thanks and the sneakers are Converse by John Varvatos high tops.

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another black diesel slim cut booooring

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Slick jeans man but I agree that they look a lot like thanaz.  Still fuckin' nice.

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That's because they kinda are thanaz. If you read the product info it states that are based around the best-selling cut, thanaz.
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The Diesel/Ducati stuff is so "douchy" -_-'  and those red stripes...can't imagine the jacket.

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Just got the denim jacket and jeans. The jeans & the jacket are such a nice soft comfortable denim. The red stitching I think is a nice touch on the thanaz & the denim jacket doesn't have the red stitching. They both look great. I will try & post pics soon.
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