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Diesel Spring/Summer 2012 - Page 5

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Totally agree the 80K is awesome. Like a subtler 881Z. I've a good feeling about this season!!!
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Where are they made cause they look like they're gonna be this years 8PI, which were a nice wash but horrible fit and denim!

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They look like 8nj, and same denim I geuss(which is a good thing)

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not too much a fan.  I hope they come with something better than that,

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the wash is not my thing :/

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thanaz 80K look like shioner 8PJ

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Guys I can confirm that shioner 74y is released. I also saw the grey thavar and some new krooley wash. Sorry for not staking pics I was in a hurry . I just wanted to check it for you guys so you can visit the store if you want.

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the thavar and shioner r awesome

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Nice! Now I need to see some IRL pics!

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I have bought the thavar 886b :)

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Any new Bootcuts and Straights?

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do we get pics?

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Of course, but I can not say exactly when, because I now have a valuable test
and I have to work night shift at the rescue.


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@ enemy and @ baltimore: where you have seen the new shioner 74y and thavar 886b and where you have bought the thavar??? i cant find it in an online-shop...

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We have them both in our Diesel Stores in Germany ;)

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If anyone comes across the braddom 887d would they mind taking a couple of snaps. No need for worn pics I just wanna see what the wash looks like properly.
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@ quettingen: which diesel stores and where? but i cant find it online or in the official diesel online store...

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@ quettingen: which diesel stores and where??    but online i cant find it..... also not in the official diesel online shop...

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For example Diesel Store Düsseldorf or Cologne.

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Hey! Post Pics!!!!!

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I have bought in Vienna :D

The 74y is only in larkee in the shop :(

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also saw the larkee 74y......74y on larkee looks a bit cheap.....there also was a green grey thanaz wash which looked ugly

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Post pics!!!!!

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was haste bezahlt?

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Here are 2 photos from Thavar 886b and Shioner 74y. 

Sorry for the bad cell phone quality and especially for the 74y photo :D 




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