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where to buy?

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ok so i'm a jeans noob if you will and i was wondering where i could buy jeans like these











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don't know how to edit a post :S


anyway, these are from pepe jeans. can anyone give me information about them or know anywhere to get jeans similar to these? (lot of gather around the knees/ankles etc) any input would be much appreciated thanks

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Your best bet is to follow this link. Once you buy Diesels you will never want to wear any other brand. http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL/search/Denim/man/tskay/230223AD/c/cat_136/gender/U/agerange/Adult/mm/125/viewall/1


Post pics and let us know if you buy anything! There is a big Diesel community on denimblog everyone will like to see what you get,

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