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Please explain this

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These jeans at nordstrom are labeled as Zathan 8B2, I have that pair, they look nothing like this... so whats the deal?_5976930.jpg_5976927.jpg



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For reference these are the Zathan 8B2's I own

zathan 8b2.jpgzathan 8b22.jpg

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I'd say it's either:


- Variation between lighting in the photos

- Slight variation between shade of washes


So my question to you is: did  you actually see these at the Nordstrom store and they look different? The pictures look similar enough to me that I would say they are easily the same wash, though, without defect.



After closer examination is the detailing on the pocket actually different or just different shade? There was an issue similar with Thanaz 8B9.. on the Diesel web store photo the jeans didn't have the line across the back pocket, but in reality every pair did.

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