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Thavar 880G Fit Pics

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Thavar 880G is really awesome :D They are really thick so they stack very nicely and the 3D texture is really something, much better in person I'd say. But anyways here they are... enlarge for better view:





Also just received 32/32 Thanaz 73J from bana on DB. I sized up from 30/32:



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Nice! I planned on getting Thavar 880G too! Btw, love your patent leather converse high tops!

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Those 880g's are awesome! As for the 73j's I prefer your old fit in the 30/32 but I just think they look better tighter on the thighs. I know you've been sizing up because you're recovering from surgery but damn lol! How big you planning on making those legs once you've fully recovered?
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Haha, well, even now I think my legs are just getting back to about normal size. I couldn't handle wearing those tight 73J... my legs have grown since my Thanaz thread so they were even tighter when I sold them and I hated the major movement restriction in the legs.. couldn't even take a full stride haha. I wanted to get 31/32 73J, but I haven't seen one for the past 6 months or more..


I plan on doing a lot of leg lifting for Martial Arts when I get all recovered, so I know my legs are gonna size up at least a little bit more. At least that's my goal :D

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The denim of 880G is so thick, it isn't comfortable anymore... or maybe I tried a too small size :p also I had the feeling the hem was too wide? Anyway they look great.

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Nice looking 880G rizzice.


hows the fitting on 73j?

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looking good

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is 880G raw denim?


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Originally Posted by freeradical82 View Post

is 880G raw denim?



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Nice pair bud,honestly ur legs r too thin for a size 32 but they look great I bot a pair of 880g my self in size 30 but they r too tight in the thigh,nice jeans gud fit looks gud enjoy.And bud loves those sneakers where did u buy em lookin for one is it the all star burgendy patent,do let me know thanks
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nice look =D


my girlfriend just recognized that the thanaz 73j varies form wash to wash......"oh he has the same jean like u phil....oh no  the holes are on other spots"


cant wait to get the 8sv from you =D



btw im still for a thanaz 73j reboot ;D

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safado 807u any one is it worth buying
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Does anyone have 880G in W30 L30 or 32 ?? to swap for 28x30 ?? lol :)

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Got them in 28x30
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Originally Posted by pryv75 View Post

Got them in 28x30

is this a question ? or an answer ? I do have a pair in 28x30 !!

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Originally Posted by Gpoop View Post



How is it not raw denim? I thought it was icon_neutral.gif

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my 880g's have faded like a pair of raw denim. some people think they are not true raw denim because of the 3d wash though. *shrug*

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I don't own 880g so I can't say it's true raw or not.  but from my experience with the APC I recently purchased and what I've read online, raw denim is denim that has not been washed or treated.  they are extremely stiff when new.  if you thought your 74k, 8x2, or 888p were stiff, the raw denim feel like freakin cardboard when you have them on new.  they are extremely uncomfortable at the beginning, but they do soften up after a few wears. 

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Thanks guys :) Ok yeah that would make sense, it definitely isn't raw.

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So, does any1 have a pair in 30x30 or L32 ? to swap for smaller size, i have a pair practically new in 28x30

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