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How does Diesel Jeans compare?

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So I am a Diesel newbie, and I'd like to know how Diesel Jeans compare to other leading brands. 

How do they stand out, what makes them different, what do you love most about Diesel Jeans?


Thank you all for your kind responses.




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Before I got started on Diesel, I used to wear so many brands, from Zara, Springfield, to Lacoste, AX, TR, Marlboro to Hugo Boss and Armani Jeans, and the fit on me do not seem to vary much from brand to brand, only the workmanship, denim cloth quality and wash. Until about 3 or 4 years ago when I tried on a pair of Larkee’s. It was like the best fitting most comfortable pair of jeans that I’ve ever tried on in my life and the denim cloth was really nice and soft. Since then, I’ve never bought any other brand.  I gave away all my non-diesels and have since bought Larkees, Vikers, Safados, khakis/non-denims and recently a Thavar. I’m planning on getting more Thavars now though and probably more Safado and I’ll try Thanaz. The fit is what I would say what makes Diesels stand out, they say they make legs look good, and they really do. I get complements on my Diesels and more importantly they are from girls ;-). The other thing that amazes me is that they fit even better and look better as you wear them!

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Try Tepphar bro :->

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People who dont like Diesel Because they are prewahes, have pocket designs, and sometimes are distressed, will tell you that Diesels quality and fit suck. The truth is they have no idea what they are talking about. You can find a whole slew of the at styleforum.com --- They are ridiculous. You can post a picture of yourself wearing a pair of jeans and a lot of people may like them. If you post the same picture and say that they are Diesels everyone will start telling you how poorly they fit, blah blah blah. So anyways my point is Diesels are amazing quality and fit. Not too many jeans brands compare. Of course, there are some that are better, but not many. The ones that are better than Diesels are likely to be Japanese brands or DH(which also makes some in japan).

So Diesels stand out because the washes on their denim are works of art. They make wearing jeans a way to express your style in a different way than any other jean company. When I bought my first pair of Diesels I used to wear Rock and Republic, True Religion, and brands like that. After wearing my Diesels for a while I really grew disinterested in any other brand. Now I always comb Diesel web site for new items. It doesnt have to be jeans. I buy Diesels, t shirts, shoes, sandals, underwear, button downs, backpack, watches, etc.

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"Quality" is what made me choose Diesel.

I still keep my first pair of diesel's I got 5 years ago and they still hold up like new.



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Thank you all for your honest answers! 




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So are you going to be doing a post on Diesel on your blog?

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tried krooley?


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Originally Posted by tovani View Post

Try Tepphar bro :->

Finally got me a pair bro, fits good, thanks!

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