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Thavar 8ne FIT PICS -- great jeans :)

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This is a freaking awesome wash, and I really like the way Thavar fits! Almost preferable over Thanaz for me, but I think I maybe should have sized down to account for the stretch, oh well. Love them anyways :) Highly recommended. Cat snuck in the photo :P





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I just ordered these today man. They look good on you. What are your normal sizes for Diesel(Your regular size and your "down" size? My normal Diesel size is 29 and my down size is 28. I had to order the 29 because they were out of the 28. Do you think I will be ok? What is your sizing like for those?

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I don't exactly know what you mean by "down size", but I wear between 30W and 31W. 31W Thanaz is almost too big for me, but I went ahead and ordered 31W Thavar anyways and they seem to fit okay.


If you have seen my Thanaz fits, you can tell that these are definitely looser, but I actually like having a little breathing room for my thighs :) I don't see why 29s wouldn't fit you, but then it just depends on how you like wearing your jeans, of course.


EDIT: I have heard 8NE stretches -alot- though, but these are fairly new to me so I haven't experienced it yet :S so maybe I am not the best person to ask.

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Will you let me know in a couple of days then? What I mean by down size is when the size you buy when sizing down. Probably for you it would be size 30(based on what you just wrote)

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nice fit, congrads on the new addition.

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They look great! The length is spot on and I love how they fit over your shoes... Seriously, I have to get those shoes, what are they?! Anyway, I do think thanaz fits you better because I like the tighter look. You could get those to fit like thanaz if you sized down to a 30.
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Haha they're Supra Vaiders.. I tuck them in like a tool, but I think it looks okay >.>

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No way dude... I wouldn't wear them any other way those shoes look great with those jeans! I'm so jealous of your thanaz collection btw
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