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Safado 8x2

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I recently noticed that they have been released.

Is anybody able to purchase a pair in size 30x34 or29x34 for me or can provide a seller who has got these sizes?


it seems that there are only 32" inseams.

at least I only found 32" in safado 8x2


diesel_jeans1978 has got some as well but no 34" inseam.


would be great if somebody could help me.


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Those are nice. I'd not heard of them till now... It's annoying how Diesel don't stock their own jeans on their own store. They should have EVERY cut and wash in every size .v.

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Huh when did these came out?

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I absolutely agree



I have no clue.


bought the koolter 8x2 instead a few months ago cause I liked the wash and never thought that it will be released in safado.


and now this.

8x2 is availibe in my favourite cut but not in 34" inseam.

absurd and disappointing.

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