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Hi everyone, 


I just wanted to say hi. I am a relapsed Diesel Jeans lover for better or worse. A few years ago, I fell in love with Diesel Jeans, the way they were crafted, the comfort, the style, and the durability in my opinion could not be beat. Plus the fact that they were made in Italy and not China or Mexico was a huge factor. Well after owning many pairs, I decided that finally, I will just live with the ones I had, and not buy anymore. So I happily did that, and stopped buying Diesel Jeans, and living with the ones I had. They lasted and I still have many of the old cuts today, in good condition, such as Kurratts, Levans, X-Rotuck, Paddom, etc. However, over time some needed to be replaced, and I decided to spend money on $20 dollar target jeans to save money, to replace the Diesels that may have been over worn. Big mistake, no way does cheap denim compare to Diesels, however as I was getting well into my 30s, my thought was I really don't need to be a trendy guy anymore, no one really older wears diesels. However the cheap jeans, would last a fraction of the time diesels would, so a few months ago, I went out and bought some awesome Larkees, that I love. When I wore those, and realized, how much better they made me look, I went into a relapse, and now am buying diesels again on a regular basis(just bought 4 pairs in the last month), and totally refreshing my wardrobe. I was excited though when I ran across this blog, and realized that I am not the only one, there are more people that love Diesels as much if not more than me. So I thought I would say hi, and look forward to keeping up with this board.