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Krooley 8x9

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Hey guys..thinking of buying a krooley 8x9..need some help..I generally wear safado and zatiny as that is what you get at local stores. Have seen krooley 8x9 online and it looks good..What do you make of 8x9 wash..?also what size i should buy for it.? I generally wear 32 for safado and 31 for zatiny..

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They look amazing. I wonder if they have that wash in a better cut

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I think Krooley is nice. It's comfortable yet still a bit skinny. haha. It's more like a skinny straight jeans. 

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Im sure it may be nice for some. I think it may be too relaxed or roomy for me. If you have seen my collection fit pics then you know that I have very skinny legs. Im 26 years old and I am 5'9 and about 140 lbs. So anything looser than zathan is too loose. Viker is too loose for me too unless I size down two. I can also size down two in Larkee and they fit fine. How do you compare krooley to larkee?

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I have never tried any larkee yet so I cant tell the difference. Sorry :( But I would say that The krooley gives you skinny look with very comfortable fitting which is carrot fit I guess. haha. The only Krooley that I bought is 880W (I bought a 28 which is about 1-2 sizes smaller than usual) cuz Im so into that wash :( it's really sad that US stores dont have the Shioner.  

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I actually wondered this myself as I was toying with the idea of getting a pair. Not sure where you are based, but they retailed at £210 in the UK, and when they went down into sale, I picked up a pair for £126, but had to get a 32x30 as this was the smallest waist they had.


Now I usually take a 30 or 31 in Thanaz, and my other Krooleys are a 31 (8YM) and a 30 (8TE). My upper legs are quite big so I often have to go an inch up in the waist to get y kegs into them. I got them through and they were just OK. The wash is amazing but I had a lot of room around the waist, and thought that if I could get them in a 30x30, they would be skinnier in the lower leg than the 32x30, so I sent them back.


About a week later I picked up a pair of 30x30 from Gravity Clothing (£140) and they are fine. They are obviously tighter on the waist but I was happy as they are slimmer in the leg, and I prefer to wear them like that. In terms of the wash though, excellent. Cannot fault them, and a worthy addition to my predominantly 'blue' collection.


I would say that these size very similar to the 8YM wash. Really cool jeans, and although they cost me £140 and I have no money, I couldnt send them back as I wanted to keep them too badly. Let me know if you want any fit pics! :-)

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you dont have to ask I always want to see fit pics

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yes would love to see fit pics. i love this wash but honestly dont know what shoes and shirt i'd wear with it! i dont like too think too much about assembling an outfit so would prob never grab a wash like this tho i do think they're beauiful!

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