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my first thavar (with pics)

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I bought these thavar 8w7 on sale for 100 euros(down from 140).

I especially  like the light color for the summer.

I have alot of zatinys and zathans and 1 timmen and 1 safado so i did have to get used to the tighter look.


What do you guys and gals think?

Is this slim look for me?

Note that i still have to get them hemmed.



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size is OK, just sag them more and please don't hem them. just let them stack. Choose longer T, put some belt and it's done ;-)

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ok thanks.

i rolled them up a considerable amount so they definetly need to be hemmed,i will let them stack .

T shirt is higher due to the fact that im holding the phone up,or mabye its still to short for most people i dont know.

it does need a belt and i have plenty but for some stupid reason i posted without.

when i wear them out they will sag more i think

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Damn isn't that tight ?

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You're too muscular for thavar. You look like a bitch

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Man, those are tight! I would agree that you might be a tad bit too muscular for that cut, I don't know if sagging is the answer, cause you'll still be so tight in the thighs that you'll just have a bunch of hanging denim under your butt and that never looks good... I say if you like em sport em! I'm sure some women will enjoy being able to see your ass in that much detail, you could even throw a sock up front and really give em a show! I'm kidding of course, they don't look bad, just way tighter than I would ever be comfortable with.
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I thought the first pic was good, and then the second pic came along and BAM, knocked me out cold. I was really shocked, thinking it were two different people. I do agree with most here that it seems very tight and maybe unflattering on you ...


but hey, if you got it, flaunt it. (pun intended)363.gif icon_wink.gif

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I think it looks ok from the front... but yeah, maybe pull them down a little.

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nice jeans, but probably skinny is not the right choice for you! Stick with Zanity and Zathans! haha

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Have you tried a Krooley cut?  I think that would be the best fit for you.  These aren't bad, but I do agree that they're a bit tight in the upper thigh / top of the back area.  A krooley is almost as skinny below the knee but looser up top, so it ought to work well for you.

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ok thanks for the comments.

i still think il be wearing them out though

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I dont think they look bad on you from the front. The back is just a tad too tight but it will loosen up over time. Just be sure to not wash them too often and let the denim stretch a bit. Women may get some real enjoyment out of the tight fit. Take zdenal's advice.

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They will stretch with wear... I think it's the right size, when you buy new jeans. They must be really fitted when trying and they will stretch... If you are unsure, just wear them some time around the house and they will be perfect... It's skinny cut, so they will look skinny.

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I must agree with that. If I could re-buy all my jeans, I definitely would size down all of them :(

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Me too. The sorry thing is that I've thought that once before. I went from 29 to 28 and now wish I had bought 27s.

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im a 6'2'' guy with wide hips but long legs. My waist size is 93 centimeters. What size should i go for? 34? i use 34 but converted in centimeters doesnt matches 93 centimeters. Please, need some help.

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A size 34 in Diesel would probably be about 36 inches around so that would probably be good for you. What size do you wear in other jeans?

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Appreciate the reply man. I use to wear 34w armani exchange skinny jeans. Curious, because in the size chart at diesel.com says that 34 (34W) is 86 cms and im wearing a comfortable 34w armani skinny denim. However, better wider than tighter, right?

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I can assure you that a size 34 in authentic Diesels would not be 86cm(33.9inches around). Diesel normally runs one and half to two inches larger than its tag size. You can ask anyone here, though there are a FEW exceptions.

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So you suggest me to buy, for example, a thavar 8w7 33? i was very interested in the thavar 8aa but its mide rise and just heard that fades out a lot because its really indigo.

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so the tag size of the waist, for example, 34w never matches 34 inches????


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These guys are right, the waist in thavar is/gets actually more than 34w.. but because you said you have wide hips I said on the other topic to get 34w, otherwise it will be really tight on your hips or you could not move your legs because of the tight crotch.

Thavar is a skinny cut, so if you get one which fits perfect on your waist, it will be tight on your hips.

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Baltimore, you are a such a nice guy. Appreciate every word u r telling me. Now, taking advantage of you, i wanna ask u another question. Im buying this thavar and a just cavalli jeans. I like more the second one. Here u can see it. As it has button closing, should i buy a 34 too? Remember that i use 34 in almost every pair of jeans i buy but in the other hand, button closing allows u to have a wider fit due to the buttons itself. Im just realizing that, in case i buy a wider one than usual, its a matter to go to the tailorist and presto!




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