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(Mens) auth check please :]

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  these look good, but just want to make sure before I pay. thanks!





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real straight to discount pair. This pair only costs between $79-$129 brand new from places like Nordstrom Rack or  Off 5th or Rue La La. Depending on how much you are paying you can probably get a much better pair for almost the same amount.

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thanks! how do i look for if its a discount pair? TIA

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Most times(not all)- very plain wash/ hardly any whiskering. some washes like commando have no whiskering but arent s2d/std - most new ones are not made in america. they are made in guatemala or somewhere like that. usually classic R's on pockets with nothing filling them. Now there are sexy R's and other types as well but they look really plain. Probably just plain grey stitching and nothing else. Back waist patch is rock republic wing logo(just like the old regular washes). Anyways post pics to be sure.

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