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Diesel Store in San Francisco

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I'll be in San Francisco this upcoming week and plan on stopping by the Diesel Store in San Francisco.


Just wondering if any of you guys have shopped there, and if so, how's the selection? Also, are the prices at the store 

the same as the prices as the ones on the Diesel website?


Thanks in advance.

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There're two stores in SF and Diesel Market is bigger than Castro so it has wide variety of selections. The price are the same as the website. also there are some specific styles that haven't been posted on the website yet.

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what washes are not on the website yet?

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The New Excess that I bought! Lolz

And another Diesel Black Gold slim fit Henley long sleeve :D

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Diesel has many different outfits and in many wide range as well.You will surely get the kind of outfit you are looking.


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