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Diesel Collection Fit Pics

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I wanted to show you all my Diesel Collection (14 pieces total) looking for suggestions about fit, size, look, sneakers to go with them...  sorry, no Thanaz yet. I believe I've never been lucky enough while visiting Diesel Stores.






I have a Riden that is my first Diesel jeans that I got in Barcelona way back in 2007. By then, I didn't know much about Diesel and the salesman didn't tell me it was a female model. Anyway, I don't think it fits all that wrong.


By the way, all my jeans jave been hemmed down to 29". I am 5'8" and 137 pounds.


Feel free to ask me if you have any doubt about the models. Go on, criticize... or praise.






Zatiny - 008AT.jpg

Zatiny - W29 - 008AT


Zatiny - 008D4_Stretch.jpg

Zatiny - W28 - 008D4_Stretch


Zatiny - 008W7_Stretch.jpg

Zatiny - W29 - 008W7_Stretch


Zatiny - 0073I.jpg

Zatiny - W31 - 0073I


Zatiny 008WM.jpg

Zatiny - W29 - 008WM





Larkee - 008SZ.jpg

Larkee - W30 - 008SZ


Larkee - 008ZG.jpg

Larkee - W30 - 008ZG


Adi-Larkee 008SS.jpg

Adi-Larkee - W29 - 008SS


Viker - 0R8RM.jpg

Viker - W30 - 0R8RM


Viker - 008AT.jpg

Viker - W29 - 008AT


Safado - 008KJ.jpg

Safado - W30 - 008KJ


Safado - 008JI.jpg

Safado - W29 - 008JI







Darron - 008LV.jpg

Darron - W30 - 008LV



Riden - W31 - ????? (I believe it is a 2005 wash)

























































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I like those Larkee 8SS... but I think Safado suits you best.

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For the experienced Thanaz wearer: which size should I go for considering I am 29 in 90% of what I try?


Should I stick with 29 or should I go 1+?

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Im not trying to be mean but you need to ditch the size 31 Zatiny 73I. They look terrible on you. You are more like me. You probably should never buy anything below a 29 in Diesel. The larkees that are a size 30 look like crap too. They are a roomier cut so you should size down to a 28. Im 5'9 140 and i wear 28's in Larkee, Safado, Zatiny, Zathan, or 29's in Darron and other skinny cuts. We probably have the same waist size. Jeans look tacky when they are too loose. You should sell those Zatiny's plus all you size 30 Larkees and use that money to buy yourself one of the new DNA washes like Tepphar 881W or something. Just be sure if you do that to get a 29 ;)

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Originally Posted by itsinmyjeans View Post

You probably should never buy anything below a 29 in Diesel.

You mean above... as in 29+? I do think 28 is his size. But it's kinda weird how there isn't a hugeee difference between his 28 Zatiny and those 31 Riden. A 28 and 29 can look hugely different on me.

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Riden is Women's cut. So they're bit slimmer in the leg.

BTW, IMHO Coutinho should size down to 28 at least in Roomier cuts such as Viker & Larkee. If mobility is an issue for you (to me it is), then get something w/ stretch fabric.

I'd get more Safado's if I were you. They look great on you!

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I agree the safados look great. yep I meant above not below

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damn, you have a nice collection. I think they all looks great on you. tho my favorite would be the Zaitiny w28.

again nice collection!

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People, thanks a lot for the replies!


I do agree with most of everyone said. The W31 Zatiny was kind of a bad call as the Diesel store didn't have a smaller size and I didn't want to lose a good deal on them. Anyway, I pretty much only use them when I'm working outdoors and I need something that I wouldn't care getting beaten up.


Although it may seem W28s could be a good option, Zatinys and Vikers always get too tight on my waist while Safados get tight on my thigh and loose on my waist. The only W28 that was actually bearable was the stretch Zatiny in the second set of pics.


I am from Brazil and here a pair of Diesel jeans goes for around $500. So it is not really an option to buy them here and I can only do so when I'm abroad. That's why trying a Thanaz or another cut different from the ones I already have is very difficult for me.


Anyway, should I consider that Thanaz is more like a Safado on the thigh and go for a W29?





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Thanaz is a skinny cut in the legs but a little looser in the waist, go for whatever size you feel most comfortable in Zathan/Zatiny unless it's a stretch wash, the general rule of thumb with a stretch wash is to size down one. If you have really muscular thighs/calves or wide hips I would avoid skinny cuts all together.
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Larkee - 008ZG.jpg

Larkee - W30 - 008ZG



anyone know where I can get these?


any help would be appreicated

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