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America's Brazilian Jean

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Ever wonder how Brazilian women look so fabulous? Well apart from their genetic makeup, they wear clothing that work with their body, rather than against it. Most Brazilian women realize that their natural curves are what make shopping quite difficult, therefore mother-daughtor duo, Kathy and Emilie Moca, decided to bring the curve fitting eco-friendly jeans to American consumers. If you want a pair of jeans that won't stretch out the first few days your wear them, and always make you feel confident- then be sure to check out ilovethesejeans.com.

Beija-Flor Jeans are manufactured in Espirito Santo, Brazil and sold in over 300 boutiques nation wide. Experience why women across the United States can't stopping talking about how they love these jeans!

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That's really interesting!  Whay about Brazilian men?  Do the same rules apply? I casn't see anywhere to get Beija-Flor jeans in the UK... for the ladies in my life (!!) I steer them towards FC, because there's such a range of styles...  http://www.frenchconnection.com/category/Woman+Collections+Jeans/Jeans.htm

I love the skinnies.. but you do have to be a certain shape to pull them off (as it were!)

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geez. it's like spam within spam...SPAMCEPTION!!!!!!!!!!! :p

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Oh! I wasn't intending to Spam...  just a genuine post to what I thought was a genuine thread. But I guess I'm new to all this. Anyway, it's Father's Day, and I've so far got neither card nor present from either of my sons, let alone FC jeans!.


I did like Inception, BTW, and am borrowing from a mate on Blu-Ray to watch more closely..

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